The Poets Wall

Deeper we go courting madness with expectation, unyielding and adamant, only to discover an atypical reflection.

Of Orchids and Oranges

Said the owl to the moon, should the morning come soon, I shall be here, and you will be not.

Van Gull, the musical

Bites hard amid tender creatures of the shadow, stands of mahogany charred in slowly cooking a pig

Days of honey tea.

And did I at last forget to mention, some days we all need lovin’ complimentary in our tea.

Star Explosion Lithium

The sky screams back, train wreck, wheels fall off, another day goes by, tick tock the clock, slow and menacing from the wall, doesn’…

Irene from the file

Her name was Elaine, almost the same, his, a grass-stained offering.

…with little parcels in the air.

Savouring as we climb another rung, little parcels in the air and on our tongue.

In places we go.

Endless fun in Acapulco / Simians in the Congo / Fish in Bangladesh / No complex Interpol extraction mesh

Fortunes Battle

I’ll never truly understand what turns a boy into a man, paints the sky blue, change the things you do, or get over you


we gave it away, where stream ends pool and night becomes day…

Childhood Fools

Where all good fools begin, in the morning looking down the road.

Leftover rice.

Good manner standing idle where the hunt takes place.

“Perhaps” ….a collaboration of …

Hungry seagulls falling on the beach confused, weird scenes in that we prefer not to gather, feelings left best alone.

On Killick Creek

Would I feel the same fired in city neon, wrought in electric clay, completely un-alive

You had it all in the night.

Sunshine in wordless borders, Insignificant cloud, Opposing angles, Learning curve, Sleeping worlds apart.

Another winters day

Imagine asking why, unveiled in ending seasons, are you waiting here for some-one else to be.


I replied with synchronicity emerging through discarded clothes

I didn’t know her at all

Unfurl that light of burning desperation waiting long to seed another day

Napthalene coals

…at the end of a rack in dark blue cotton, roughly stitched, gathering dust, napthalene coals in denim rust…..

Sudden burst of Companionship

cottontail dreams held within where others walk on faceless tunes of memory

With Little Piggies Tales

Listen up, this aint about erections, this aint about love on a nasty summers sheet, this is about the dreams we live in today.

This is who I am

Where grip becomes slip on this river too wide I might climb inside your shelter as you might climb inside mine


The colour of Autumn, morning cloud, blossom……

Jigsaw Shadows

If we could last forever gently would our sadness fall behind, erase this madness from our minds

On the edge I begin

there is an image at the end of my street, a place where tram lights and gutter converge with blue

the train of affection

In all my years I never touched on soft or right, I could have been here well before beside this vice of independence.

She came upon a seashell.

She came upon a seashell in her wonder at the light, watched a rainbow from the wrong side of the wall, I heard the distance calling and st…

Dogs and Dust

rugs and bugs and other strange drugs from those who didn’t know

Bearwings Touched by Beauty

Taken from beauty, not out of time….

My Butterfly Wings

swallow the sky in honey dew, bring out the season of being
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