I enjoy painting, drawing, history, reading and nature. I love to create paintings that focus on animals, flowers, and natural landscapes. If you are interested in reading some of my writing you can read my hubs at:


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Sweetbearies Art Workshop

Over the last few months I have worked on migrating and setting up my new art store website, http://sweetbeariesartworkshop.sweetbeariesart.com, which is where I feature many of my designs from Redbubble and Zazzle. I have ordered several shirts with my artwork over on Zazzle, but I have yet to do so with RedBubble. One day soon I would like to order a shirt from RedBubble as I am noticing they…
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Completing My Buster Sketch

I was very happy to complete my sketch of Buster standing on the deck. Buster is a dearly departed Siberian husky/bulldog mix that I spent many years sitting on the deck with, stroking his sun kissed fur coat. It was wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun on his fur, and he always smiled when I spent time with him in his favorite place. I drew this sketch of Buster on the deck because it was …
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Sweetbearies Art Tips

I am an artist, a painter, a crafter, a photographer, and a jewelry maker, with a passion for making things on a budget. If you would like to learn more about how you can make arts and crafts projects on a budget, then visit my site: http://sweetbeariesart.com
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