hello to all

firstly thank you for viewing my pics..
just starting to find my creative view after 35 years,,, traveled for many years[without a camera] but now starting to see the world a bit diffrenntly…..
in the middle of a carrer change ,which is a challenge when your a family man, but if you carry on down the road with out trying ,for some it’s to late…so if your in a rut there’s always away out.,even when your heads just above the water..
love life ,respect life. it’s pretty short time we are here ,but there’s a lot to do,to leaave behind….do everything in life you want while respecting others,,,,,,,
karma looks out for you,youcan have your cake and eat it ,don’t listen to people who say other wise,,,
enjoy life ,it’s fragile,,enjoy the innocence,spend time with your family,listen ,learn,regret..and most of all find peace and love and everything else should fall in to place,.. be true listen to your instincts they are there for a reason……

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