I’m a stubborn…and inquisitive..always asking why? where does that get me? Well…what ever I want it to…because life is life..but we take from it..what ever knowledge the experience provides..that relates to what we are needing..or searching for at the time. i have a driving need to express and connect…both these forces…spark the creativity within me. Having the oppertunity to show Me..as my work truly represents me…my view of the world i walk in…Is an honor.
The ways I choose to express depends on the mood…i fluxuate between Writing poems ans spoken word peices..as well as short and long stories. One of my major passions besides writing is music…singing and writing songs…and can’t denie the irrisistable draw of a blank white canvas..water color paper or even drawing paper!
I’m a friendly girl..with a wit..and a touch of sillyness and scarcasm…i love to have fun…things arn’t always serious for me! lol

  • Age: 38
  • Joined: February 2008


This Place I Call My Other Life

Every night I dream…And to me it seems… / This place of mine…That resides inside… / That I can climb…. / Into…..Is more real than my waking life. / Whatever my deepest desires and darkest fears / Are manifested / Arrested. / I’m tested…Dream if you dare. / Each time to resolve unspoken issues…While I’m not aware. / What will be uncovered…
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