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For me creating is telling a story … expressing an emotion. Art is my passion.
My inspiration comes from music, movies, memories, art galleries and my life experience.
I am particularly drawn to the period 1920-1940 – to the Vintage style and to deep saturated and often muted colors creating a mood of mystery and melancholy. It started with restoration of a lot of old theater pictures left to me by my late aunt and uncle who were stage actors. I grew up with a passion for American movies and you will see that reflected in my work.
You will find my work in the Collections to the right. Each collection contains a selection of the most viewed work. Or click Portfolio on top of the page and all work will appear under the collection boxes.
I hope you will find something you like.

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How to kick the crap out of a perfectly good photo – or camouflage a really bad one.

If you’re into Photo manipulation the plugin world is your oister. I have taken the tour from 2008 till today and I have seen Photoshop filters and plugins that made my head spin. / Yesterday I saw a gorgeous photo by Chris Lord (in my opinion one of our very best photographers and photo manipulators). He had taken a picture from top of a bus and used the new Topaz plug-in – “Impressi…
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Take a trip to Wonderful Copenhagen

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Group Galleries

I have just posted this on Redbubble – Ideas / If you are a host and/or agree with me – please go there and give it a vote. / Thank you ☺ / “We Hosts would like there to be separate Galleries for different products. This way, someone who wants to explore T-shirts – phone covers – Photographic Art etc. – can explore them without sifting through all of the art. This be…
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Host Hullabaloo 2014 / 5th Annual Host Hullabaloo! / Spring 2014 @ Solo
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