Dead or abandoned groups

I seem to remember that somebody (maybe more than one person) was compiling a list of these inactive groups. Does any of you know who that is/was and is it still happening?

I hosted a group once that I had taken over, couldn’t revive it if my life depended on it so I put it up for take over – no takers of course. Then I left it and told the RB staff. Later I saw there was a new host who had the nerve to shame me for abandoning it.
- On the groups front page is a photo that I featured Jan 2012 !!! – - – I rest my case.

Questionnaire about Groups on RB

I would really love to get everybody’s input on groups on Redbubble.
No matter if you are a host yourself or a member.
I would like this to be something positive that RB can use as an inspiration. Well, we can hope can’t we. If nobody does anything – nothing will happen that’s for sure.
Please take a moment to think about this and please keep it positive, so it wont devolve into a complaint session!
Thank you ☺

★ Why do you join groups?

★ What do you expect to get out of being a member of a group?

★ What do you expect of your host(s)?

★ What kind of activities do you enjoy most, do you still like challenges now that there is no voucher?

★ How often do you expect to see features?

★ Do you ever check the groups you are a member of to see if they are active or abandoned?

★ …

Join me on Facebook

To all the members of my groups who are on Facebook LINK and not yet on my friends list:
Please feel free to come and friend me – that way you can also keep track of promotion of your featured work.
See you there ☺

Bulk editing

Oh, how I wish there was such a thing as bulk-editing.
Right now I have 0ver 50 Christmas cards that I don’t need to have in my pf until nest Christmas. It takes forever to change each one to private view only. I might just delete them once and for all.
Too much work – too little profit.

Christmas Greetings to you

To all my friends and members of my groups. I wish you and your families
Thank you so much for all your support through 2014,
for your beautiful work and for the lovely Christmas cards
I have received in my mail. It means a lot to me

To whom it may concern

Here is a little consumer info for those of you who are into Photoshop filters and plugins.

Topaz has launched a new filter – Topaz Glow – $ 49.99 (until the end of December)

It looks to me quite similar to the old Fractalius plugin from Redfield – available here LINK for $ 39.90.

Here are some examples of pictures done over with Fractalius LINK

How to kick the crap out of a perfectly good photo – or camouflage a really bad one.

If you’re into Photo manipulation the plugin world is your oister. I have taken the tour from 2008 till today and I have seen Photoshop filters and plugins that made my head spin.
Yesterday I saw a gorgeous photo by Chris Lord (in my opinion one of our very best photographers and photo manipulators). He had taken a picture from top of a bus and used the new Topaz plug-in – “Impression". He was very enthusiastic about it, so I thought I’d give it a try. Tried it on two photos – a building and a cat. It seems to me to be just another “Photo-painter”. Well, I have tried a few of those and frankly I don’t like them much.
A photo is honest work. A photo-painted picture is a photo masking as a painting without actually being one. With a few clicks a…

Group Galleries

I have just posted this on Redbubble – Ideas
If you are a host and/or agree with me – please go there and give it a vote.
Thank you ☺

“We Hosts would like there to be separate Galleries for different products. This way, someone who wants to explore T-shirts – phone covers – Photographic Art etc. – can explore them without sifting through all of the art. This benefits the browsing buyer, as well as the artists. Many hosts who now have in their rules, “No phones, no pillows, etc.” may be willing to accept products, if they had their own pages, as previously.”