I’m a photographer / photography-based digital artist living in the the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. Many of my images are based on the photographs I capture with my Canon and Sony cameras. My inspiration comes from music, movies, memories, art galleries and my life experience.
I am particularly drawn to the period 1920-1940 – to the Vintage style and to deep saturated and often muted colors creating a mood of mystery and melancholy. I grew up with a passion for American movies and you will see that reflected in my work.

You will find my work in the Collections to the right. Each collection contains a selection of the most viewed work. Or click Portfolio on top of the page and all work will appear under the collection boxes.
I hope you will find something you like.
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©All rights reserved. My images do not belong to the Public Domain. All of my works are owned and © copyrighted by me. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of this work, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited by law.

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Cat's Pajamas

New members wanted / Cat’s Pajamas needs new artists and lots and lots more work in this group where only a few of the members are posting. / Doesn’t matter if it’s paintings, digital or photographic art as long as it’s domestic cats only and Gallery quality. / Thank you ☺
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Closed, Abandoned and Inactive Groups

A while back I wrote a journal about this. / Later Elaine Teague did a great job of compiling such a list. / You will find it here LINK / Check it before you enter groups – it will save you some disappointment and time. / Thank you Elaine for taking upon you this important task. ☺ / If you have information about these groups, please write to Elaine Teague
Posted about 1 month – 10 comments

Dead or abandoned groups

I seem to remember that somebody (maybe more than one person) was compiling a list of these inactive groups. Does any of you know who that is/was and is it still happening? / I hosted a group once that I had taken over, couldn’t revive it if my life depended on it so I put it up for take over – no takers of course. Then I left it and told the RB staff. Later I saw there was a new host…
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Questionnaire about Groups on RB

I would really love to get everybody’s input on groups on Redbubble. / No matter if you are a host yourself or a member. / I would like this to be something positive that RB can use as an inspiration. Well, we can hope can’t we. If nobody does anything – nothing will happen that’s for sure. / Please take a moment to think about this and please keep it positive, so it wont devo…
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