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  1. Medium: Vector Art, T-Shirt Design.
  2. Technique: Vector Art and Typography.
  3. Tools: Photoshop CS3, and my brain.


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  • JaneAParis
    JaneAParisabout 6 years ago

    So are they trying to say that they are not a sensitive person? Smiles from Jane:-)

  • You would think, huh? But, actually, I am a deeply sensitive person (people who know me say I am, at least to my face), but they would also describe me as those things as well. I guess it is an oxymoron. Like saying “she’s such a nice bitch…” But I know a few of those, too! LOL!

    Thanks for the comments! Hugs to you! :o)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • heroine
    heroineabout 6 years ago

    Is supposed to be could or couldn’t care less??

  • Good question…. could care less = capable of caring less / couldn’t care less = not capable of caring less….

    omg, i am in a quandry…. i have heard it said both ways… ummm… dayumm… need to research the grammar….

    “couldn’t care less” sounds like the person could not do that…. i will research…

    thanks for the heads up! much appreciated!!!!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • okay, researched… and found that in the States it is acceptable either way, but that abroad it is “couldn’t care less”. most people agree that it should be “couldn’t care less” because that was the original form of the idiom before the U.S. butchered it and made it into the slang form of “could care less”…but they both mean the same thing, unless you ask this guy who is all for the “could care less” version (yes, he made a bar graph). however, this guy thinks that version is ridiculous. and so does this guy.

    but, since the message on the t-shirt is like my mantra… then, why am i even researching it? lol! may i should have just put "…and i don’t give a f@#!? hahahahaha… lol! ;o)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Dillon Langlands
    Dillon Langlandsabout 6 years ago

    you forgot “honest” “drastic” and “loquatious” but “I make a mighty fine omlet”

  • That would make an excellent follow-up t-shirt!!! :o)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • heroine
    heroineabout 6 years ago

    No worries, thought you’d made a typo. In Australia we say “couldn’t care less”.

  • Oh no, trust me, I appreciate it! Any person who informs me of a typo is actually a hero of sorts, because I tend to obsess over words in general. I had a really fun time researching this one (I am a freak) and laughing at some of the debates! Many thanks your way! :o)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • BrainCandy
    BrainCandyabout 6 years ago


  • Oh, that is one of my favorite shirts on Red Bubble!!!!!!!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • BrainCandy
    BrainCandyabout 6 years ago

    Hey! That’s why I posted, to hear it again LOL.

    Not really, I just think it’s a good reply to many many issues!

  • i agree… from now on, I am going to link them to these two t-shirts to better illustrate the fact that i don’t give one and oh well if they are offended by it!

    lol! :o)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Julie Miles
    Julie Milesalmost 6 years ago

    I’m a very sensitive person…I think I try to cover it up by being all those things you mention in your shirt. Then again, sometimes it’s just plain fun to be controversialopinionatedsarcasticblunt toward other people. Like telling your supposedly very Christian aunt and uncle that one of your favorite tv shows is “Big O” (which is an anime that is actually about giant robots threatening to destroy a futuristic society and has little to do with sex).

  • The Big O?!? OMG, that is hilarious!!!!!!!

    Amd, I agree, sometimes it is fun!!! Thanks for the comment!!! :o)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Julie Miles
    Julie Milesalmost 6 years ago

    Yup! It’s called Big O and it you find more sexual situations on American prime time TV than on this one, which is why it’s so great. I assume it’s called “Big O” because the Japanese didn’t translate to English very well. Sometimes they show it on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, but it’s really hard to catch.

  • vampvamp
    vampvampabout 4 years ago

    geez this must be my tee! LOL

  • vampvamp
    vampvampover 2 years ago


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