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Have You Seen The New Five Dollar Bill? by bchrisdesigns

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Have You Seen The New Five Dollar Bill? by 

Yeah, and Exxon gives you a free receipt with every purchase (while limited supplies last)! Oh, and every time you use sixteen of these new bills together, you get a full tank of gas!!!! What a deal!!!

I hope Dub-ya sees this! Wait…scratch that…he might think it is a nifty idea. Ugh.

Note: This is supposed to be a social commentary of the current state of our union, especially here in the expensive state of California, where this sad fact is almost true! Gas shortage my ass! Can you tell I am just a teeny bit bitter? :o)


  1. Medium: Mixed Media Design, Digital Illustration.
  2. Technique: Digital Illustration from scanned original.
  3. Tools: Digital Camera, Photoshop CS3, HP Scanner.


  1. 05/17/08 – Entry to Challenge Cafe’s Challenge 21 – Greed [7 sins challenge]


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  • nfsnyc
    nfsnycover 6 years ago

    Haha..unfortunately this isnt “absurd” or “ridiculous”..its almost reality..

  • Tell me about it!!!! And that will be ridiculous!!! lol! Thanks for the comments!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 6 years ago

    A gallon of gas today in Indiana was $3.75. It will be $5.00 per gallon everywhere as the Summer travel season kicks in. Can you believe that I remember the Oil Embargo under President Carter. Gasoline jumped from $0.79 per gallon to $1.25 per gallon overnight, and we thought that was bad. Today I bought only 1/2 dozen eggs because one dozen eggs now costs almost $3.00. Milk is $5.00 for 1/2 gallon, and one loaf of store brand cheap bread cost $2.99.

    When George Bush gets on the television and tells the nation not to worry, that’s exactly the moment that I start to worry.

  • I would feel bad for ya, but those prices are good here in California. Here, you really gotta shop around to get those deals!!!! LOL! gas here is between $3.80-3.89 depending on what city you are in, how close to the freeway you are, and how far away from civilization you are. LOL! Milk is like 2 gallons for like $10 (if you are lucky) and bread is around $3.75 and up. It is so ridiculous!!! A dozen eggs…$4.00!!! And, the price of rice just sky rocketed because of a “shortage”.

    Seems like sooooo many shortages happened under Dub-ya. It’s what happens when a President cares more about getting richer rather than running a country. And, the sad part….we let him do it…twice!!!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • coppertrees
    coppertreesover 6 years ago

    And water is 21.00 a gallon,when Bush gets on the Tv it is costing you more then you think

  • Water is $21.00/gal. Where????

    – bchrisdesigns

  • coppertrees
    coppertreesover 6 years ago

    When you buy it in bottles,you know bottled tap water. Everywhere.

  • Nancy Stafford
    Nancy Staffordover 6 years ago

    man your not a kidding . it cost me fifty bucks for a handful of groceries. and it over four bucks
    a gallon of gas were i live.. what us coming to..

  • wow, some places here are over four bucks, but only in the ritzy areas, not yet in the suburbs…but it is getting there! yikes! it is a luxury just to drive to the gas station to get more gas!!! lol!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • CanvasMan
    CanvasManover 6 years ago

    It’s over $4.00 here in Westchester County, NY for gas. I’m bitter too!

  • dang!!!! it is everywhere! i think it is time for all of us to get hybrid cars!!!! lol!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • CanvasMan
    CanvasManover 6 years ago

    I’m pretty lucky here, for I can walk to grocer, train, restaurants, parks. It’s a pretty good walk but I could lose a few pounds. Forget about vacations and day trips. We’ll all have to go virtual. But my work as a construction secretary sometimes mean going on job sites. Poor guys paying through the nose for diesel fuel for their equipment; but then again, ain’t a lot of construction jobs going on here either.

  • Kenny Gulley Jr.
    Kenny Gulley Jr.over 6 years ago

    i reviewed the image, and want to re-add it to Cal sound
    so sorry about that bro!

  • I will re-add it! Thanks, man!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Juilee  Pryor
    Juilee Pryorover 6 years ago

    meanwhile we are whingeing and bitching about petrol being around $1.40 to $1.50 a litre and a gallon is I think about 3.78 litres……. so you guys what you are paying for fuel still sounds cheap at $4 a gallon…… and I would imagine that your prices will go much much higher as you catch up to what other people pay for their petrol. Mind you we don’t look like were going to go in a recession here….. very strong little economy down under…… we give all new mothers a $5000 present when the baby comes……. tax free as well and have free universal health care for all……

  • Juilee, I know that at times it seems that us Americans are whining and complaining about our prices going up when things are much more xpensixe either you way you cross the ocean. However, we don’t have things like universal health care or tax breaks or even great government aid programs. Our minimum wage sucks, unemployment has sky rocketed, and so many people are losing their houses and cars everyday. It is really bad. Sure, it is more expensive for gas in other countries and so other countries don’t understand. But, when gas prices jump by the dollars in just s few years, that is scary! It is not what we are used to and many of us cannot afford it on what we make per hour at our jobs and there are so many of us who have tried to find jobs and there are not any. I used to have a awesome job and now I cannot get that same job for the same price anymore all because of our dear President! But, you know what… I now want to move down under…you all seem like a ton a fun with a great economy and beautiful land! Lucky!!! Here is California our livelihoods depends on driving cars. I wish I were in Australia or the UK right now! Your governments have it going on! Ours needs to learn from yours! LOL! True. True. :o) Thanks for the comment! Cheers!

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Juilee  Pryor
    Juilee Pryorover 6 years ago

    Hi bchrisdesigns….. I do actually understand that this is a time of great angst in america….for most ordinary average people…. and that most people don’t earn much and you don’t have the same sort of safety nets in terms of social security as we do here…… and I can also understand that its a worrying time for most people as it really does seem like the storm clouds are gathering over your country….. we can see them pretty clearly from here so it must be much more anxious for you guys over there…..

    And yes your current president seems to have ripped the heart out of the country with his insane war in iraq…… the costs of that alone are almost incomprehensible and will be felt for decades by the little people…….. I really do feel for you to be honest….. and I think its going to be getting a lot worse before it gets any better. We were really lucky to have booted out our old leader and gotten a much much better one…… and that’s great…. Hope you guys make a sensible choice and every body votes wisely for your next president……. it seems nuts to me that you are not compelled to vote there….. we get fined if we don’t show up to vote……

    And yes its a great place down here….. we’re not big players on the world scence down here but my goodness we have a really good standard of living and we value our creativity and our freedoms and are proud of our easy humour and tolerance of difference here……. lucky country indeed…… I wish you well with the bad times that seem poised to embrace your country…. the ramafications will be global….. so travel well

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