Silhouette Parade

There is a parade of silhouettes going on over at A T-Shirt Revolution group!!! Right now, the heat is on to try and find the best tee silhouette. Check out the competition:


So, go check it out and vote for your favorite silhouettes!!!! Hopefully my Sasquatch makes your list! But if not, you owe it to yourself to at least check these beezies out because you are sure to find something to be desired!!!

P.S. If you are a t-shirt designer, join the revolution:

And the envelope please...

Greg’s Birthday Contest 2008 Winners!!!

It was a very hard, tough, extremely painful decision to choose a winner for this contest. In fact, so difficult, that we decided to have multiple winners!! Yay! We narrowed it down to THREE (3) choices – so three designers will receive the prize pack mentioned in the previous JE.

We would like to send out big bear hugs and lots of thanks to all of the fabulous designers who submitted designs to the competition. It was so much fun and definitely exciting! We sincerely wish we could buy them all today, but, then that would not be very competitive. But I have plenty of birthdays to shop for in the next few months AND Christmas is a’ coming…so I will definitely have my eyes on these designs!!!

I also want to send out a personal thanks to jemim

Greg's Birthday Contest 2008 - Finalists Announced!!!


Well, it took a long while to decide (because there were so many fantastic entries) but we got it narrowed down to 18 lucky finalists!!!!! And, here they are (you can click the image to make it larger):

If your design was recently favorited by me, then you are an instant finalist! You can view them all here, as well (the entire first page of my favorites as of 10/02/08). Congratulations to all the finalists! You have made it super-difficult to decide!

Now, there is good news and there is bad news…

First, the GOOD news…

You all have made it so difficult on us! Geesh! We will be purchasing more than one design!!!! That means that there will be multiple winners!!! All winning designs will receive the same prizes as scheduled in the first announcement. The prizes are

Birthday Contest!!! I Wanna Buy YOUR Design!!!!!

Today is the love of my life’s birthday!!! He is turning 30 years old!!!…

To help celebrate, I have decided to buy him some t-shirts – one of my own and one from another lucky Red Bubblian. So, without further adieu, I present the Greg’s Birthday Contest!!!!!!

From now until October 1st anyone can submit a t-shirt design to this contest by adding a comment below. Here are the rules:

  1. The design must be on a t-shirt.
  2. The design should be tagged with GregBday08 (please tag your work if you want to have it considered, because we will be using this tag to browse the entries).
  3. You should place a link to your work in the comments section below. A simple link will do, but a photo link will be even better (brownie points!).
  4. There are no requirements for theme, style, or color (just make sure it fo

Challenge Win for "No Escape"

I logged on today to find that my piece, No Escape, has won the Designer’s United Horror Challenge!!! The challenge was for “Photomanipulations depicting the horror theme.”

If you have a moment, go and check out all the entries there were some creepy, horrific entries perfect for all you fans of gruesome horror and creepy nightmares!!!!! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

And, thank you to all those who voted for No Escape!!! I am in shock and appreciate all the wonderful comments!!

!×180/product:framed-print/size:large/view:preview/1000452-4-no-escape.jpg (No Escape by bchrisdesigns)! No Escape by bchrisdesigns

If You Like to Vote In Challenges...

Then check out:…

Designers United group’s Horror Challenge – Photomanipulations depicting the horror theme.

There are a lot of creepy images there. So, if you are a fan of creepy, then check them out for sure!!!! Be sure to vote for the creepiest!!! Maybe it is mine? But there are a lot, so only vote for the creepiest and most well put together!!! !×180/product:framed-print/size:large/view:preview/1000452-4-no-escape.jpg (No Escape by bchrisdesigns)!

or, if you like stillness…check out…

Stillness Speaks group’s Tester One…check check Challenge – The Warm-Up Challenge

There are a lot of hot entries that are begging for eyes to view them and clicks to vote for them…so go on over


The t-shirt revolution has begun. Some of RB’s best and brightest t-shirt designers have come together to start the revolution of awesome t-shirt designs (I sneaked around back and let myself in through an open window). The group, appropriately named A T-Shirt Revolution and hosted by some of RB’s greatest t-shirt gurus, is now accepting votes for its first challenge: Propaganda for the Revolution.

The challenge is all about change, inspiration, and recruitment. The designers were asked to create a brand new design utilizing some form of propaganda or revolutionary symbolism that would encourage others to join the group.

If you are reading this and have not had the chance to check out this group, you really should because there are some extraordinary designers over there who are begin

Join the Revolution...

I just wanted to plug some great new groups for all you t-shirt designers…So hop on over and join the t-shirt revolution!!!!!!!…

The two groups are A T-Shirt Revolution and How To Tee 101. Both groups look like great resources for t-shirt designers and should be interesting and fun!

Natalie Tyler already posted a great journal about this group, but I thought it could use some more advertising. So, if you like t-shirt design, are a fan of t-shirt design challenges, area t-shirt revolutionary, and/or have been a fan of Agent Provocateur’s …then, you should definitely join up and see what all the fuss is about!

Group Description:

Ever wanted to soar above the clouds of mediocrity? Got a pressing urge to step outside your comfort quadrant? Fancy taking part in regular t-shirt challenges? Yo

The Limerick Challenge Did It!

So, the lovely Anne van Alkemade invited me to participate in some Limericking (Is that even a word? I seem to be coining quite a few new ones today!) over in the forums, and I was more than happy to oblige! After all, he who turns down a Limerick Challenge is a damn fool and not worthy of my attention. Raaaawr!…

But I digress…

So, I was Limericking and noticed that I had hit a Red Bubble milestone! I have reached 200 Forum Posts!!!!!! And, all because of a Limerick. Who would have guessed? A Limerick!!!!

This Limerick to be exact:

There once was a guy from So Cali
Who was asked to come dilly-dally
So, he hopped right on in
And made others grin
By adding to the limerick tally!

Well, better a Limerick than a post telling someone to get off their high horse because I have a small donkey f

The Monkey's Top 11 Insights on Red Bubble Challenges

My quick rant on challenges:…

  1. - For those who do not want to take challenges seriously, you must remember that there are also the half of us who do. There are the half of us who want to be able to to say our pieces have placed in challenges and competitions because it is a great marketing tool and for some of us it is not some side hobby or thing that we do for giggles. For some of us, it is our livelihood and dream and anything we can add to make it more fruitful we will take. So, yes some people do take it seriously because we take our art seriously. It is not all fun and games. Sorry.
  1. - The voting system now seems to be unfair but it is actually more fair than the way challenges have been run in the past. It is the lesser of two evils. However, I think that the system still needs
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