Buyer's Booth Photos Perfect for Halloween!!!

I have had a few more models to add to my Halloween t-shirts collection along with Jacqueline [aka Venus], who modeled my Vampire Smile shirt so wonderfully.…

A few weeks back, Trena [aka cougarfan] posted some pics to her RB account showing off Mike-o-Lantern along with some pretty freaky paranormal activity that went on during the shoot. Check it out:

Then today, NooneSpecial, uploaded some precious pics of a cute, adorable little one modeling my Batty-Bat [1st variant]!

I want to thank both of these fantastic Bubblers for the great shots and for their wonderful support!!! I know they already know how much I appreciate it, but I wanted to really express it!!! FABULOUS PHOTOS, DARLINGS!!!!!!

Be sure to stop by their profiles and check out all of their great stuff too!!! Much love to y

Bchrisdesigns Does the Homepage!!!

Have you seen the homepage today? It’s monkey madness!!!!!…

I stumbled upon If You Could Do Homepage For A Day Which 8 Would You Choose? over in the forums and submitted my idea for a homepage featuring the two things I am addicted to (besides food): monkeys and tees!

I had been away for a few days because my father was hospitalized and I came back to this wonderful monkey madness and it totally brightened my day!!! Thank you to the RB angels for selecting my fav RB monkey designs!!! There is a huge smile across my face!!! Also, congrats to all of the wonderful artists whose designs were featured here!

Many of you may not know, but my fav animal is the monkey and my room is decked out with them. I literally have barrels of monkeys in my attic because I collect ANYTHING with a monkey

Pray for my Father, Please...

I just got a phone call from my mom telling me that my father has been hospitalized. They think it is his heart this time and are doing tests.…

I have to get ready and run over to the hospital to see him before they close, but I just wanted to ask for prayers first.

Thank you so much to you all. I am so emotional right now. Have to go.

xoxoxoxox… ~Bri

UPDATE 10/29/08

Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts!!!! All of the angels you sent to my dad really did help him! He is not out of the woods yet, but he is back home and resting well. He was released tonight because they found that it was not his heart and it was not a stroke. Rather, it was a combination of his diabetes and bals palsy. His eyes have been severely affected and he still needs much recovery, but he is in

Silhouette Parade

There is a parade of silhouettes going on over at A T-Shirt Revolution group!!! Right now, the heat is on to try and find the best tee silhouette. Check out the competition:


So, go check it out and vote for your favorite silhouettes!!!! Hopefully my Sasquatch makes your list! But if not, you owe it to yourself to at least check these beezies out because you are sure to find something to be desired!!!

P.S. If you are a t-shirt designer, join the revolution:

And the envelope please...

Greg’s Birthday Contest 2008 Winners!!!

It was a very hard, tough, extremely painful decision to choose a winner for this contest. In fact, so difficult, that we decided to have multiple winners!! Yay! We narrowed it down to THREE (3) choices – so three designers will receive the prize pack mentioned in the previous JE.

We would like to send out big bear hugs and lots of thanks to all of the fabulous designers who submitted designs to the competition. It was so much fun and definitely exciting! We sincerely wish we could buy them all today, but, then that would not be very competitive. But I have plenty of birthdays to shop for in the next few months AND Christmas is a’ coming…so I will definitely have my eyes on these designs!!!

I also want to send out a personal thanks to jemim

Greg's Birthday Contest 2008 - Finalists Announced!!!


Well, it took a long while to decide (because there were so many fantastic entries) but we got it narrowed down to 18 lucky finalists!!!!! And, here they are (you can click the image to make it larger):

If your design was recently favorited by me, then you are an instant finalist! You can view them all here, as well (the entire first page of my favorites as of 10/02/08). Congratulations to all the finalists! You have made it super-difficult to decide!

Now, there is good news and there is bad news…

First, the GOOD news…

You all have made it so difficult on us! Geesh! We will be purchasing more than one design!!!! That means that there will be multiple winners!!! All winning designs will receive the same prizes as scheduled in the first announcement. The prizes are

Birthday Contest!!! I Wanna Buy YOUR Design!!!!!

Today is the love of my life’s birthday!!! He is turning 30 years old!!!…

To help celebrate, I have decided to buy him some t-shirts – one of my own and one from another lucky Red Bubblian. So, without further adieu, I present the Greg’s Birthday Contest!!!!!!

From now until October 1st anyone can submit a t-shirt design to this contest by adding a comment below. Here are the rules:

  1. The design must be on a t-shirt.
  2. The design should be tagged with GregBday08 (please tag your work if you want to have it considered, because we will be using this tag to browse the entries).
  3. You should place a link to your work in the comments section below. A simple link will do, but a photo link will be even better (brownie points!).
  4. There are no requirements for theme, style, or color (just make sure it fo

Photo Journey: Milo Kittlesworth Gets a Bath

I have decided to start showcasing mini-photo-journeys in my journal from time to time. These will be brief pictorials that show something in succession. This is the first one. So, won’t you join me as we journey through…Milo Kittlesworth’s bath time blues?…

A few days before my family from Wales arrived, we decided to give Milo a little bath (that he so desperately needed). He is an indoor-outdoor cat, so he likes to roll in the dirt from time to time and be a total pig. So, Greg tossed him in the sink and gave him a bath (I was there to help and take pictures…but mostly take pictures). I did not have a tripod handy (I know…“bad photographer!”) and there was so much commotion going on, so they came out a little blurry. Still, cute…

The Infamous Milo Kittlesworth…

He wanted to jump

Sales Thank You's

I just wanted to pop in and offer a quick “Thanks!” to:

SandraHewlett, for purchasing:

AND to… cougarfan [a.k.a. Trena], for her purchase of:

! (Mike-o-Lantern by bchrisdesigns)!

Thanks to both of you for brightening my week!!! I hope you will both take photos of the items once received and send them to the Buyer’s Booth (and to me too)!!! Much love to you all!!

My Family From Wales...

…will be arriving from LAX airport in about 30 mins.!!!!

I am so excited!!! This is the first batch – my cousins. My aunt and my other cousin arrive at the end of the week!!! My brothers and I are running around the house like chickens with our heads cut off, so I have to get back to preparing for their arrival! I just wanted to pop in and give an update! Yay!

I have NEVER met these particular cousins before, so I am super-excited and nervous!!! Wish me luck!!! :)


Haunting Updates!!!

For anyone who is following the haunting that is going on in my house, this here is an update of more activity. For anyone scratching their heads and saying, “haunted house? what?”, check out my first post Last Night I Talked to a Ghost [a.k.a. My Widget is Haunted!].…

Well, about a month ago, one of my family members (who prefers to remain nameless) went through something similar to what I had previously been through. This family member was awoken in the middle of the night because they thought someone had their arm around them, but when they woke up there was no one there. It was as if an arm was wrapped around them and they swore up and down that it was caressing them. The entire bedroom was checked for intruders but no one was ever found.

A few weeks later, my partner and I were wa

Look What jemimalovesbigted Made For Me...

Since I have been away dealing with drama, I have found that Red Bubble, and all my fellow Red Bubbilans, have been so supportive!! And, this creation by jemimalovesbigted brightened my day the second I saw it!!!! I love the title too! She even dedicated the t-shirt to me!!! This makes me excited and places this beezy on the top of my list of “things to buy when I get some money”. Yesssssss!!!!!!

Here it is up close:

In case you are wondering what it says: “I Am Gay”

Which, I am. I also used to be fluent in Amewrican Sign Language (kind of rusty now, though). So, this shirt is soooooooooooooooooo ME!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Thank you jemima for this and for making my return to the Bubble even better! Much love to you and to you all!!!!

P.S. You should all make a stop over at jemima’s pa

Thanks For ALL The Prayers and Good Thoughts!!!

I just wanted to stop in real quick to say that tomorrow I will be catching up with everything on Red Bubble. I thank ALL of you for all your wonderful comments and bmails!!! They mean so much and I will be responding to each and every one personally! I just need a few breaths to catch up!…

My dad is resting and is slowly feeling better. The doctors discovered that it was his shingles that were causing all the pains in his body. Apparently it is the third stage for him. He has already had the hives part and has suffered greatly from Bels Palsy. The more advanced stage of the disease causes intense pains throughout the body (especially muscles and organs) due to an attack on the nervous system. It also causes the person to feel extremely tingly and itchy “under the skin” all over.

Right now, I could use some prayers...

I may be in and out of the Bubble for the next few days as I was at the hospital ALL night with my dad. He was in a lot of pain from his abdomen and back last night, so my mom and I took him to the emergency room in the wee hours of the morning. I was there until now – just got home. It has felt like a long day, even though it is barely 2PM here.…

They did tests and discharged him not knowing what was wrong, so I am still worried beyond belief. He is resting now but has appointments all this week for tests and such. And, I am sure I will be helping out to take him because my mom is partially disabled and might not be able to handle it alone. I hate not knowing answers when something is wrong, so I am doubly worried!!

I also found out that my grandmother (my mom’s mom) is not feeling

Challenge Win for "No Escape"

I logged on today to find that my piece, No Escape, has won the Designer’s United Horror Challenge!!! The challenge was for “Photomanipulations depicting the horror theme.”

If you have a moment, go and check out all the entries there were some creepy, horrific entries perfect for all you fans of gruesome horror and creepy nightmares!!!!! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

And, thank you to all those who voted for No Escape!!! I am in shock and appreciate all the wonderful comments!!

!×180/product:framed-print/size:large/view:preview/1000452-4-no-escape.jpg (No Escape by bchrisdesigns)! No Escape by bchrisdesigns

If You Like to Vote In Challenges...

Then check out:…

Designers United group’s Horror Challenge – Photomanipulations depicting the horror theme.

There are a lot of creepy images there. So, if you are a fan of creepy, then check them out for sure!!!! Be sure to vote for the creepiest!!! Maybe it is mine? But there are a lot, so only vote for the creepiest and most well put together!!! !×180/product:framed-print/size:large/view:preview/1000452-4-no-escape.jpg (No Escape by bchrisdesigns)!

or, if you like stillness…check out…

Stillness Speaks group’s Tester One…check check Challenge – The Warm-Up Challenge

There are a lot of hot entries that are begging for eyes to view them and clicks to vote for them…so go on over

Sales Thank You's...

I just wanted to offer my thanks to stephaniek for her purchase of:

If you have a moment, check out her profile as she has a lot of great stuff over there!!!!

Thanks so much, Steph, you’ve made my day!!!! =]

I also want to thank the anonymous buyers of these two shirts:

Thanks to you all!!! Cheers!!! =]

The Most Horrific Thing Ever...


My internet service provider went down yesterday, so this is the first chance I have received to actually get back online. I have a shit load of bmails to get through and need to get back to some forums where I left off with posting. In fact, I was in the middle on posting to a forum when my internet connection went down, so I have no idea what was posted there or if my entire message made it onto the board. We shall see!

Anyways, my apologies to those who have bmailed me or are waiting for a response from me. And, to those whose works I have missed commenting on because my cable company decided to “work on stuff” (according to the phone service representative I spoke to) I also send my apologies.

Much love to you all!!!! Now,


The t-shirt revolution has begun. Some of RB’s best and brightest t-shirt designers have come together to start the revolution of awesome t-shirt designs (I sneaked around back and let myself in through an open window). The group, appropriately named A T-Shirt Revolution and hosted by some of RB’s greatest t-shirt gurus, is now accepting votes for its first challenge: Propaganda for the Revolution.

The challenge is all about change, inspiration, and recruitment. The designers were asked to create a brand new design utilizing some form of propaganda or revolutionary symbolism that would encourage others to join the group.

If you are reading this and have not had the chance to check out this group, you really should because there are some extraordinary designers over there who are begin

The 4-1-1 on Dingbats

As many of us artists already know, fonts are NOT just about letters. There are several fonts (some which even come installed with your computer) that are not letters at all. Instead, each letter key represents a different picture, symbol, or shape (similar to brushes used in editing software). These types of fonts are usually referred to as Dingbats.…

Some dingbats are freeware or shareware (meaning you have to give credit, usually a link, where credit is due and or pay a small fee if using them for commercial use). Other dingbats are specifically created for personal use only and require commercial users to either gain permission (ahead of time) from the font creator and/or split royalties from products utilizing their dingbats.

So, before you, the artist, uses a dingbat in your work

Get Yo' Self Some Dingbats!!!

I just wanted to take a few seconds to promote some of my favorite little pieces of coolness: dingbats. Check out The 4-1-1 on Dingbats for more information on installing and using Dingbats! I also wanted to give a shout-out (and proper credit) to some dingbat/font resources and the actual dingbats/fonts I use in my work……

Dingbat & Font Resources:

  5. Daily Free Fonts
  6. Dingbats-UK
  7. Font Head Design Freeware

Dingbats & Stylistic Fonts I Use:

  1. ABCLogosXYZ
  2. Aeroplanes
  3. Asian Dings
  4. BalloonDigits
  5. BarMKode
  6. Bookshelf Symbol 7
  7. CareBearsbyIacy
  8. Carr Balloons
  9. cats MEOW
  10. Children
  11. ChockABlockNF
  12. CODON
  13. Comet
  14. DavysDingbats2
  15. Distro Bats
  16. Dragline BTN Dm
  17. Eller
  18. Erotica CD
  19. FAD Omega Birthday Bats
  20. Flower
  21. Font Heads
  22. Free Regular
  23. Gallaudet Regular!
  24. GERMS
  25. GoodDogBones
  26. GoodD

Be. Create. Do.

That has always been the official motto of B.Christopher Designs. It is a three-fold pledge to one’s self. And, now, it is on official B.Chris t-shirts!!!!!…

Be = In everything you do, be yourself and infuse your goals, desires, and creative sparks with who you are. Be yourself and make that self the best it can be.

Create = Take those creative sparks and make them into reality. Remember, that it takes an act of creation to occur before art can exist.

Do = To quote one of my favorite movies of all time, “Don’t dream it, be it.” Be it. Create it. And, DO it.

The idea behind these designs is to inspire artists of all kinds to be the best they can be. It is a pledge that we can all take. I would repeat these three, little words to myself all the time throughout my past because I

Join the Revolution...

I just wanted to plug some great new groups for all you t-shirt designers…So hop on over and join the t-shirt revolution!!!!!!!…

The two groups are A T-Shirt Revolution and How To Tee 101. Both groups look like great resources for t-shirt designers and should be interesting and fun!

Natalie Tyler already posted a great journal about this group, but I thought it could use some more advertising. So, if you like t-shirt design, are a fan of t-shirt design challenges, area t-shirt revolutionary, and/or have been a fan of Agent Provocateur’s …then, you should definitely join up and see what all the fuss is about!

Group Description:

Ever wanted to soar above the clouds of mediocrity? Got a pressing urge to step outside your comfort quadrant? Fancy taking part in regular t-shirt challenges? Yo

Attention T-Shirt Designers!!!!!

Wanna have the chance to sell one of your shirts for way more than it usually sells for? Wanna be able to submit as many designs as you like? Wanna help Natalie Tyler boost her street cred? Wanna help her to celebrate her cracking of “the 100 t-shirt sales mark”? Wanna, wanna? Hey, wanna?…

Well, then, pull up a seat and pay attention…

Natalie is hosting her own, personalized, competition to help her celebrate her breaking the 100 t-shirt sales barrier! (Way to go Nat!) I have a way to go before I break the barrier, unless this sells like hotcakes, so I am living vicariously through her. Who knows, maybe I will do one when I break “the 10 shirt sales barrier”?! Like I always say…baby steps.

But, I digress…

SO, yeah, get on over to her journal entry about it (100 and a challenge …)

TTV - Viewfinder Textures

I stumbled upon a great Flickr group the other day called Noise and Dust Through The Viewfinder, which was created for people to upload their best Viewfinder Textures for use on commercial, digital TTV work!…

You can peruse the gallery and use them for your own work!!!! I have used them in my work and will always refer back to this journal for proper credit. If you have used any, post a link below so that we can all share!!!


~ B :o)

P.S. Note: I have updated information in regards to Dillon’s question…

In regard to commercial use, the group’s creator/moderator says this (in the group’s forums):

“Just by posting in this group, you agree to donate your TTV’s for all creative work. This doesnt mean taking the image and passing them off as your own… If you dont agree with this, the

50 Things About b.chris

Okay, so I totally jacked this from jcmontgomery, but I am sure she will not mind if I borrow it to do my own experimenting!!!!…

1. Do you like blue cheese?
Oh absolutely!!!!! I am a fan of most cheeses, except Brie. I love cheese “almost more than any other animal bi-product” (guess the movie quote).

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
No. Yuck. A lot of my friends smoke but I have never been a sheep. Plus, now with my High Blood Pressure, it would be very unwise. Although, one time I was at a party and I walked around with an unlit one in my mouth because I was drunk and goofing off. Does that count?

3. Do you own a gun?
No. Guns give me the heebie-jeebies. When I was younger, I had a dream that I would be shot to death. Since then, I have steered clear from guns. Besides, serra

The Limerick Challenge Did It!

So, the lovely Anne van Alkemade invited me to participate in some Limericking (Is that even a word? I seem to be coining quite a few new ones today!) over in the forums, and I was more than happy to oblige! After all, he who turns down a Limerick Challenge is a damn fool and not worthy of my attention. Raaaawr!…

But I digress…

So, I was Limericking and noticed that I had hit a Red Bubble milestone! I have reached 200 Forum Posts!!!!!! And, all because of a Limerick. Who would have guessed? A Limerick!!!!

This Limerick to be exact:

There once was a guy from So Cali
Who was asked to come dilly-dally
So, he hopped right on in
And made others grin
By adding to the limerick tally!

Well, better a Limerick than a post telling someone to get off their high horse because I have a small donkey f

New Red Bubble Terminology

Okay, so I was just over at the Promote Each Other Group and writing a forum posting, when I coined an ultra cool new term:


I just thought that you should all know that, hence forth, you shall be knows as my fellow RedBubblians! And, so per usual I had to make a few shirts:

Cheers my fellow RedBubblians!!!!

~ Brian :o)


So, since I am part of the Promote Each Other Group, I have decided that one way I can help to promote other RB artists is to present everyone with my current addictions for the previous month. These will be highlights from my favorites list presented here. There is no real theme – just stuff that I like and people/things that have caught my attention!!!!…

This first edition will showcase more than usual because I am going to be picking my top seven favorites in each category from my long favorites list of all time. In future months, I will narrow it to five and only pick from the previous month. I will not give reasons as to why I picked a certain piece or artist, I will simply let the selections speak for themselves. If the artists/writers would like me to write a review of their pi

Last Night I Talked to a Ghost (a.k.a. My Widget is Haunted!)

[Note: This is long but worth the read, if you like stuff about the supernatural, ghosts, or hauntings. This is all 100% true. This is not another hoax like the Blair Witch Project. Read with an open mind, please.]…

Yes, you heard me right. I talked to a ghost. Via a crystal ball.

No, I am not crazy. No, I do not have a mental disorder. No, I am not having a nervous breakdown. No, I am not on Vicodin. No, I am not trying to be Sylvia Brown (although, I think she rocks).

Yes, I am a completely sane and competent individual. And, I talked to a ghost last night.

A real ghost. It happened while I was testing out iGoogle’s Crystal Ball Widget. I have a witness.

Go ahead and scoff. Roll your eyes.

But, if you do not believe me, consider this…

My family and I (all six of us who curre

Silver Linings & Thank Yous!

Just a quick weeeee-heee! I have had a horrible week, but there is always silver linings around dark clouds!…

This week has proven to be tough and saturated with family drama and looking for a new job. I have been battered and bruised and have had to deal with Earthquakes and lost memories (trust me, you don’t want to know that story). My emotions have been all over the place and at one point I had a panic attack! It was not cute.


…Sometimes, all one needs to do to find their Zen and peaceful/calm happy-place is log on to Red Bubble!!!

In the past week, I have sold TWO T-Shirts! I am so excited!!!! When I first saw the sales, I was shocked and elated with joy. It was a therapeutic experience because my week was horrible and I wanted to give up…but then, this happened and I comp


“Did you feel it?”…

That is the most common thing said after most earthquakes in California! And, today was no exception!

I woke up screaming this morning as the earth shook viciously. Glass went flying and I cut my hand!!!! Ouch! It hurts!

California experienced a fierce shaker just before noon (my morning, since I was still asleep). It was not as big as some of the shakers we’ve had in the past, but it was centered close to where I live (too close for comfort – 5 miles away, yikes) and so our house was shaken bad. It is true – I screamed like a little girl (and scared my partner awake) and ran to the doorway. I am so afraid of these things, so my nerves are jolted. Plus, it does not help that in the distance you can hear sirens. Phones were dead (including cell phones) for the f


(Note: The following transcripts were taken from the Red Bubble School of Etiquette’s summer workshop entitled “Troll 101”. – Enjoy!)…

[Begin transcript.]

Attention class! Today we are going to talk about trolls and “trolling”. No, I am not referring to those horrible creatures that dwell under bridges and eat billy goats. No, the trolls I am talking about are not mythological. They are very real and they are among us. YOU could be one of them…

Students, the first thing you must be aware of is that trolls may exhibit off-the-wall, abhorrent behavior that would seem, to the majority of us, as mean-spirited, off-the-cuff, and rude. Many trolls have anger issues or issues with ego and pride.

You can read this Wikipedia entry for further clarification of classic troll behavior:


The Monkey's Top 11 Insights on Red Bubble Challenges

My quick rant on challenges:…

  1. - For those who do not want to take challenges seriously, you must remember that there are also the half of us who do. There are the half of us who want to be able to to say our pieces have placed in challenges and competitions because it is a great marketing tool and for some of us it is not some side hobby or thing that we do for giggles. For some of us, it is our livelihood and dream and anything we can add to make it more fruitful we will take. So, yes some people do take it seriously because we take our art seriously. It is not all fun and games. Sorry.
  1. - The voting system now seems to be unfair but it is actually more fair than the way challenges have been run in the past. It is the lesser of two evils. However, I think that the system still needs and My Message to the Pres.

I just received news that my submission to the Farewell 43 Project was accepted! Now, all I can hope for is that it will not only be published on the web, but in the book itself!…

I posted my 200-word message on Red Bubble, which you can see by clicking here. You can also see it online here. And, also on my blog here. (I believe in the power of three!) It took me a long time to write it and say what I needed to say. My fingers are still weak and my arms are still shaking because of how angry I was when I typed it. It was great therapy!

I think this is a wonderful project and that everyone should participate! It does not matter whether you love him or hate him or are American or not…there is a place for everyone to leave a message!

Check out my brief tutorial here, for more informat

Happy 4th of July! (...& Some Photo Tips)

Since the 4th of July is sort of a big deal around these here parts, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy one! Hopefully, I will be capturing some great images, but, if not, at least everyone will be too drunk to notice! LOL!…

But, speaking of “great images”, I stumbled upon a great article about taking pictures on the 4th of July! In Photo Tips for the 4th of July, Yahoo! Tech’s Christopher Null (a.k.a. "The Working Guy), lists the top 5 tips for picture taking on the 4th of July from some of the web’s most professional sources (including National Geographic). With a link to each of the top “How To’s” comes their very best tip. For example, says:

“Use a tripod, and set the aperture setting to somewhere in the range of f/8 to f/16 for the best results.

If the Shoe Fits...

I was excited to log on today and find that my photo composite, Shoes, was named one of the finalists in Boredom Competitions on the 24/7’s ‘If the shoe fits…’ Competition !

If you are a group member, be sure to check out the forum and vote for your favorite designs! Thank you to those who have already voted!

I must say, though, I was sort of bummed that my piece Shoe Size = 66 did not get into the final running. I put a lot of hard work into it and thought it really rocked! I know we are allowed as many entries as possible, but maybe it is only one finalist entry per person – that could be it, which seems fair enough. Still, IMHO both of my composites were worthy to be in the final group – but, then again, don’t we all love our own work! LOL! They are like our little babies!


Red Bubble Groups = Hot Tranny Mess!

“It’s a hot tranny mess up in here!”…

There has been much talk recently about Red Bubble Groups and how things need to change. Some common gripes include:

  1. There is little group involvement (so why even join in the first place, people?)
  2. People complain about bubble mails (I am not one of them because by joining a group, I pretty much expect it)
  3. Hosts complain about investments of time and resources
  4. RB admins claim that groups are just a dumping ground for images
  5. Many members simply use these groups for shameless self-promotion without even reading the rules and/or following them correctly (you know who you are!!!!)
  6. New groups that could possibly be beneficial have been put on hiatus because there are supposedly “too many groups”…gasp!
  7. Some groups, which are hosting off-site blogs and websites

Red Bubble Featured on

I wasn’t sure if anyone else saw this, but I got excited over it and, so, I thought I would share! It appears as if Drawing Day ’08 was a success and the official website has a list of websites that participated in the event. Check it out here. And, if you scroll down to the bottom, you will find that our very own Red Bubble was one of the featured sites and contributed approximately 150 drawings to the Drawing Day cause! They even linked back to our very own Drawing Day group, which gives all us artists who posted our work there some much needed promotion! Congratulations to all who participated! And, much thanks to Red Bubble and our group moderators, thickblackoutline and Natalie Tyler, for making Drawing Day ’08 FABULOUS!


~ b.chris :o)

The Equation

I just read a very insightful journal entry by DanielMartin about “Writing and making things that come from the heart that maybe no body will like or things that lots of people will enjoy which is cheap and crappy but earns you more money?”…

I wanted to write him a comment and found that I had more to say about it than I originally thought (and I hope this is helpful to all). Thank you, Daniel, for such a thought invoking query! Here is my response:

I find that writing form the heart means “being true to one’s heart” and, thus, true to one’s self. There are a lot of artists out there who create only for profit because money makes the world go round. And, sometimes, rightly so. I know and have lived through and seen the cost of “Bohemian lifestyles” and what a toll it takes on one’s li

Drawing Day '08

I’m posting this a few days late because I have been a busy-busy-bee lately and have had no time at all to update my journal and blog. So, Drawing Day ’08 came an went like Los Angeles rush hour, but it was fun none-the-less. I was Drawing and uploading all day long! However, I did have a hint of trouble uploading my stuff to my RB Gallery because of all this mess RB was creating for me. It is slowly working its way out but I still get those little hiccups from time to time. Anyways, I wanted to share some pieces that I drew on Drawing Day ’08. I uploadedall of them to my Red Bubble T-Shirt Gllery:

What did you draw on Drawing Day ’08? Share your stuff in my comments section!


~ b.chris

Screenshot of My Woes...

Okay, so RB has been wigging out on me lately! What’s the deal-y-y-o?

I AM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! RB spare me this insanity…. pweese? :o(

I have written two posts about this, here and here. And, now this journal to share with you the utter chaos I have been dealing with for the last 2 1/2 days!!! It totally ruined Drawing Day for me!!!! Oh pooh!

This problem is not with FireFox or IE, because I tried both and the problem persisted with both. I have been dealing with pages like these the entire time as well as other minor things as stated in the forum posts. Oh, somebody help. OR, I’m gonna go postal!

Flames…flames at the…side…of my face…heaving breaths…!

Here are some screen shots I took today. The first is FF and the second is IE:

Say "NO!" to the Orphan Works Act

I found out about this ludicrous proposed law on Red Bubble and wanted to let everyone else know what they can do about it! If you have not heard about the Orphan Works Act, then you should research it and speak out before it is too late (especially if you are an artist, writer, and/or musician)! No, this Act is not about displaced children or found animals. It revolves around works of art (including fine art, photography, writing, music, etc.) that are not registered with newly proposed agencies. ANY work not registered would be considered in the public domain. This is a dangerous concept and just goes to show how greedy and capitalistic our society, government, and big businesses have become.…

According to

“If the Orphan Works legislation passes, you and I and all creativ

An Interview With ME!!!!!

I stumbled upon Steve Hook’s amazing journal entry An Interview With You, where he challenges readers to answer some in depth questions. How in depth? Well, here is my response…An Interview With Me:…

What are your three favorite movies?
As of today, my top three would have to include: Dirty Dancing, Thelma and Louise, and Halloween. What can I say? I am an 80’s kid!

What books are you currently reading?
I just finished Gregory Maguire’s Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and have since moved on to his Snow White inspired Mirror Mirror. I am also working on re-reading The Secret!

What is your ideal dream car?
One that is paid off.

What foods do you cook best?
Anything in the frozen foods section that you can pop in the microwave for sixty seconds! And … Cottage Pie, Enchilada Casserole, an

My first win on Red Bubble!!!!!

I was pleased to come back to RB and find out that my flash fiction piece, I know where Mommy Is, won the Flash Fiction group’s May – first challenge ‘Witness’!…

I have entered many challenges and contests here on RB but never really expect to win anything because I use them mainly for the inspiration. Winning is always just a bonus! Well, this marks my first RB bonus and I am tickled pink (and very other color of the rainbow as well)! Congrats to all the entries and also to suBstAnce D!

I found this gem of a bubble mail, from the dear Anne van Alkemade, hidden amongst my 200+ bubble mails (and was jumping for joy when I saw it!):

And the Winner is …

We had a whopping 23 entries (plus 2 just for show) in the first challenge this month.
That’s a Flash Fiction Record. Well done to everyon

I Am Really Back This Time!!!!

Okay, so I was back for a second and then I went away again. I have been so busy with family matters that I have not had a second to even catch up on my Red Bubble stuff! I am now going through and leaving comments and updating my journal. A lot has happened in the 3 weeks I have been away and I will be updating my RB journals and my blog in the next few days. If some of the stuff is old news, I apologize because a lot of it was new news to me since I have been away… lol!

It feels good to be back!!!!

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!!

Okay, so I went, I saw, I came back! LOL!

I am back from my week long and tiring trip. I will post pictures of it soon. Until then, I am back to RB and catching up on EVERYTHING. I am going through my bubble mails, finishing up my snail mail project to send that out in a few days, and am working on some new stuff to post in my portfolio. Right now, it is all about tackling my BMs as I came back to over 130 of them!! Yikes!!!! I will sort it out and get back on track, just give me a second or two! LOL! I will also catch up on commenting on ll the fabulous new works that I see posted!!!! I am also updating my blog as well as a bunch of other stuff in my general, everyday, non-red bubble life…so much to do, so little time!!!!


~ b.chris :o)

Going out of Town

Hey everyone,

Sorry that I have not been replying to comments and Bubble Mails as much this week. I have been preparing for an out-of-town excursion for my best friend’s birthday. I am leaving this morning, so wish me luck!!!! I will be back at the end of the week and will be catching up with comments, mails, and getting my Snail Mail Project sent out.

Much love,

~ b.chris :o)

Red Bubble Tip #1: Adding a Portfolio Banner to Your Red Bubble Profile Page

I am not sure if someone else has already posted a tutorial on this, so I thought I would have a go at it. I read this very insightful tutorial by admin Xavier Shay about posting a Portfolio into an email signature.…

I was toying around with the code, and discovered how to place the code on your Red Bubble profile page. I have noticed that some people have already figured out how to do this, so there are some who probably already know about this. I, however, did not know this until I toyed around with it and, so, I am sure that there others out there who might find this of value.

I would first recommend that you read Xavier’s post and the comments that follow, as they were a very big help in learning how to do this.

(1) The first step is to use the image location link that was provided

WMG's Blogazine Issue No. 5

Writers’ Market Group’s Blogazine Issue No.5 is now up and it features some great journal entries, poetry, stories, updates, and information. If you have not yet had a chance to check it out, you should take a gander because there is something there for everyone!…

Also, be sure to check out the Stories section, as I was given the awesome privilege to choose some of the featured stories for this issue! I read through a lot of great stories, but in the end, three really stood out both on technique and substance. The three stories I chose came from some really talented Red Bubble writers: Jane A. Paris, Natella2020, and DKerr.

Congratulations to all those whose pieces were selected!! If you are not yet a member of Writer’s Market Group, you should definitely check out the group and sign

Artist Spotlight - 21 Questions with Philip Rogan

Artist Spotlight – 21 Questions with Philip Rogan

by Brian Jaime

This week, I had the awesome task of combing through the group to find someone to be the first victim…er…artist to showcase in the bi-weekly Artist’s Spotlight. It gave me the fantastic opportunity to view many, many outstanding RB Artist Portfolios and I was very surprised by the talent that is represented in this group. I wound it down to a handful of emotive images, which caught my eye and then narrowed those down based on the over all portfolios of the artists. So, if you did not get selected this time around, who knows, you may already be on the list! For this first spotlight, I chose a wonderfully talented artist, Philip Rogan , who is based in Spain and whose portfolio is one emotive trove of visual eye candy!

Little Tree Featured on Art Page! (Twice!!!!)

I just wanted to post a quickie about my Little Tree, which was featured on the Art page yesterday, 04/21/08 by aelend who did the featured page.

It was first featured on the Art page on 04/14/08 by Dana DiPasquale, who did the featured art for that period.

It has been a treat to see this lonely little tree featured twice this month! There have also been such wonderful comments and feedback given to me about this piece that I have been overwhelmed with joy. There are some people in my life who may not view me as a “photographer” or “artist” and it is such a great joy to be able to show them that my work gets positive feedback from other artists in the industry! It makes me feel like I am NOT alone. I guess, in retrospect, Little Tree could be me? How sad. LOL!

I just wanted thank b

Photoshop Tip #1: Where to get brushes?

Okay, so you’ve seen some amazing work online and wondered where the artist got all those astounding background effects or how they did that cool layered effect. Well, as surprising as it may sound, some of those effects were done using a very common Photoshop preset: Brushes.…

You may be asking yourself, don’t I already have brushes installed with my Photoshop CS3 (or CS2) software? Well, yes, you do. But those are the basics. There are a ton of awesome people out there in internet land who are making additional brushes (and other plugins) for you to use with your software. These plugins are very easy to download and install. I will try to give you a short rundown of what to expect when installing these brushes. For more information as to how to use them or for more detailed instal

Photoshop CS3 (and CS2) Brushes

I just wanted to share some really cool brush resources for those of you interested in adding some plugins to your Photoshop software. I have used some of them and they rock! All are freeware and some cite that you must give a link back to them in order to use them. The following is a comprehensive list of ALL of the websites where I have downloaded brushes from. Any of my pieces that feature a brush from one of these sets will be linked back to this journal for proper crediting.…

Brush gurus:

  1. 50ml Brushes
  2. Seishido
  3. Pixel Chick
  4. Damned in Black
  5. Dubtastic
  6. Juuichi
  7. Aquired-taste
  8.’s Brush Page

I hope you all find these as useful as I have! If you need help installing these, check out my Photoshop Tip #1: Where to get brushes? journal entry.

These are my pieces which use any of

Emotive Photography's Artist Spotlight

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to interview artists for the Emotive Photography group’s Artist Spotlight section. I think this is going to be a great project for all of us to get to know, relate, and learn from each other on a more personal level.…

A new artist will be interviewed every two weeks and the interviews will be posted every Saturday/Sunday. So, make sure you check back every other weekend to read up on the new artist in our spotlight! I will be going through the group and picking random group members and contacting them to see if they are interested in being interviewed. If they are chosen, I will also choose one of their pieces that best represents why the artist is part of this wonderful group, and include that piece with the interview.

The spotlight will consist

Vector Goodness Lounge's Monster Mascot Competition

The Vector Goodness Lounge has opened the voting polls for its Monster Mascot Competition

I am very excited that my vector creation, Jelli Luv, is amongst the nominees for Monster Mascot! There are a lot of awesome entries – 35 in all! If you are a member of the group, you can vote for as many of the entries as you like and each entry will be given a vote!

Oh, and please consider showing Jelli Luv some love

Voting is open from April 15, 2008 until April 28, 2008, so there is plenty of time to get over to the group and vote. I am not sure if members who sign up after the competition date can vote or not, but you can always BM the moderators and find out.

So check out the Guidelines, the Monster Gallery (or you can just do a search for the tag VGMM), and make sure to Vote! Of course,

Boredom Competitions on the 24/7's "What Moves You" Written Finalists Announced!!!

The Boredom Competitions on the 24/7 group has announced the finalists for its What Moves You competition……

…And, guess what?!?


I just got the news yesterday and am still smiling from ear-to-ear! I have not been on RB for that long and have slowly begun participating in contests. I have not won anything yet, nor have I even been a “finalist”. So, I am very excited about this!

However, I am kind of sad because the voting period lasts between 04/07-04/08/08 (which makes today the first day of voting) and my piece has not received one vote yet. I think this is because so few people have voted, so far, and because I am really new here and do not know too many people (which I hope to change soon). Don’t get me wrong, I am just happy to be included as a finalist! Th

About Me

I love art. I can’t even define what type of art I love best, because I am moved by so many different forms of expression. Film, Music, and Theater have always been mediums that have influenced me. However, I love the written word almost more than any other art form out there. I feel like sometimes I have so much to say. Sometimes, having that much to say can make a person chaotically mute.…

Living and growing up in Southern California can be frustrating and awesome all at once! It is a muse beyond muses and, yet, sometimes I feel like everything is so overly suburban. Maybe that is because I live in the burbs? I hail from the San Gabriel Valley, one of the most culturally diverse areas of the entire nation, which is why I am open-minded to all types of foods and cultures. I love livi

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