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Bchrisdesigns Does the Homepage!!!

Have you seen the homepage today? It’s monkey madness!!!!!

I stumbled upon If You Could Do Homepage For A Day Which 8 Would You Choose? over in the forums and submitted my idea for a homepage featuring the two things I am addicted to (besides food): monkeys and tees!

I had been away for a few days because my father was hospitalized and I came back to this wonderful monkey madness and it totally brightened my day!!! Thank you to the RB angels for selecting my fav RB monkey designs!!! There is a huge smile across my face!!! Also, congrats to all of the wonderful artists whose designs were featured here!

Many of you may not know, but my fav animal is the monkey and my room is decked out with them. I literally have barrels of monkeys in my attic because I collect ANYTHING with a monkey (or chimp or ape or gorilla) on it. In fact, when I was little, they used to call me the little monkey. I think I used to be a monkey in a past life.


MONKEY LUV (from my original post):

These designs kick bananas!!!! Congrats again to all!!! :)

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