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Greg's Birthday Contest 2008 - Finalists Announced!!!


Well, it took a long while to decide (because there were so many fantastic entries) but we got it narrowed down to 18 lucky finalists!!!!! And, here they are (you can click the image to make it larger):

If your design was recently favorited by me, then you are an instant finalist! You can view them all here, as well (the entire first page of my favorites as of 10/02/08). Congratulations to all the finalists! You have made it super-difficult to decide!

Now, there is good news and there is bad news…

First, the GOOD news…

You all have made it so difficult on us! Geesh! We will be purchasing more than one design!!!! That means that there will be multiple winners!!! All winning designs will receive the same prizes as scheduled in the first announcement. The prizes are:

  1. I will purchase your design on a t-shirt and Greg will model your t-shirt for a photo shoot that will be uploaded and promoted in the Buyer’s Booth and in a special journal entry by yours truly.
  2. The winning designers will be interviewed for said journal entry and featured alongside their winning design.
  3. The winning designs will also be featured in The Amazing Little Pieces of Awesomeness Gallery (formerly the B.Christopher Designs Virtual Gallery) and in my Monthly Addictions Showcase for October 2008.

We will be announcing the winners tomorrow, October 3, 2008.

And now, the Bad News…

There are two crucial pieces of bad news. The first is that we will not be revealing just how many winners will be chosen until tomorrow. So, that number is being kept under wraps. It will definitely be more than one, though.

The other piece of bad news is that, because we will be selecting more than one winner, we will be purchasing the entire lot of winning designs on Sunday, October 5th (two days after the date we had originally intended to purchase the winning design). We are sure two days is a small price to pay for multiple winners. :)



~ Brian and Greg :)

p.s. Sorry for placing part of the above all in caps but I am so thrilled that I wanted to express it in a giant way. tee-hee. ;P

p.p.s. I am submitting this to all the same groups that approved the first journal, as an update. My many thanks to all the wonderful hosts who have allowed us to add this journal to your outstanding groups!!!! :)


  • Jane Keats
    Jane Keatsalmost 6 years ago

    Fantastic selection!!! Good on you guys for selecting more than one winner, you’re going to have a fantastic looking wardrobe :o)

  • Thank you! And, we are hoping that our wardrobe does get a giant boost!!! LOL! :)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Anne van Alkemade
    Anne van Alkemadealmost 6 years ago

    oh wow, awesome, I made it to the finals. I feel like I’m in a beauty pageant. Thank you for this great honour. (not blowing smoke, just rapt).

  • It was difficult to narrow it down…Greg was all in tizzy because he wants to buy them all! He hates choosing! lol!!!! :)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Crockpot
    Crockpotalmost 6 years ago

    This has turned into quite the event, eh Bri?? :) We’re really stoked you like our shirt so much – it’s quite the honor to be a finalist!!

    As for the bad news… if anyone takes that as bad news, they need to get a grip. :P

    Again… sending huge bday wishes!!! xoxox

  • Thanks Mike and Lorie!!! It is going to be a tough decision!!!! :)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Nuh Sarche
    Nuh Sarchealmost 6 years ago

    Thank you so much to you both Brian and Gerg….

    I’m honored to be in the finals…. so great!!!

    Thank you again!

    and a lot of greetings

  • Thank you too!!! All of the finalist designs are making it difficult to choose! :)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
    Patricia Anne ...almost 6 years ago

    WOW how exiting!

  • MuscularTeeth
    MuscularTeethalmost 6 years ago

    he a great selection and i hope there is something in there you guys will love and wear proudly – no matter who’s it is.
    and as for the ‘bad’ news – thats hardly bad, a mere trifling of a matter.
    but this is exciting…

  • hehehe, it is exciting for us too!!! we wish we could buy all of them!! :)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • MuscularTeeth
    MuscularTeethalmost 6 years ago

    hey cool website too !

  • thanks! i am assuming you are referring to the gallery? i really need to update it soon, but got a lil’ behind. your last video montage is there, i think. :)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Natalie Tyler
    Natalie Tyleralmost 6 years ago

    What a fab idea guys … Good luck to the finalists!

  • Thanks, Nat!!! Winners are going to be announced in a few… oh, it is so close!!! :)

    – bchrisdesigns

  • Nuh Sarche
    Nuh Sarchealmost 6 years ago


    great website!!!!

    I was trying to make something else, but your level is unreachable for me… ;)))


  • Nuh Sarche
    Nuh Sarchealmost 6 years ago

    sorry… misunderstanding…

    I tried to make a website similar to yours (ENVY!… ;) ), but I was giving it up….

    I can’t….. ;)

  • if you scroll down to the bottom of the website, there is a link to the designer who made the original concept for that design. she is a great help and you might be able to use her template! :)

    – bchrisdesigns