Be. Create. Do.

That has always been the official motto of B.Christopher Designs. It is a three-fold pledge to one’s self. And, now, it is on official B.Chris t-shirts!!!!!

Be = In everything you do, be yourself and infuse your goals, desires, and creative sparks with who you are. Be yourself and make that self the best it can be.

Create = Take those creative sparks and make them into reality. Remember, that it takes an act of creation to occur before art can exist.

Do = To quote one of my favorite movies of all time, “Don’t dream it, be it.” Be it. Create it. And, DO it.

The idea behind these designs is to inspire artists of all kinds to be the best they can be. It is a pledge that we can all take. I would repeat these three, little words to myself all the time throughout my past because I have difficulties in each of these areas and often need to push my self to succeed. Without one, the others will fail. I am horrible at marketing myself and even more horrible when it comes to living up to my potential. Sometimes, life just seems too hard to even try. Then, I remember this mantra and repeat it to myself.

I often tell myself that I have to…

be the artist that I know I am capable of being (no matter what anyone else may say or what odds stand in the way)

…and that I have to…

create what my mind begs me to create, and strive to create something everyday because my main goal, as an artist, is to constantly be creative

…and that I have to …

do it, because thinking it is not the same as doing it. The only way to be your ideas and create your ideas is to actually, physically, mentally, DO IT

It is a constant struggle, but it helps me to start new projects, finish old ones, and get over my fears of self-marketing and not being good enough. So, take the pledge with me today to Be, to Create, and to Do. I figure, if this inspires even just one other person like it has done for me, then that is good enough karma to last a lifetime!!!


~ Brian :o)

P.S. One of these designs is part of the Promote Each Other Group’s Wear it on your chest Challenge. Feel free to check it out along with all of the other great entries!!!

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