Photoshop CS3 (and CS2) Brushes

I just wanted to share some really cool brush resources for those of you interested in adding some plugins to your Photoshop software. I have used some of them and they rock! All are freeware and some cite that you must give a link back to them in order to use them. The following is a comprehensive list of ALL of the websites where I have downloaded brushes from. Any of my pieces that feature a brush from one of these sets will be linked back to this journal for proper crediting.

Brush gurus:

  1. 50ml Brushes
  2. Seishido
  3. Pixel Chick
  4. Damned in Black
  5. Dubtastic
  6. Juuichi
  7. Aquired-taste
  8.’s Brush Page

I hope you all find these as useful as I have! If you need help installing these, check out my Photoshop Tip #1: Where to get brushes? journal entry.

These are my pieces which use any of the above dingbats/fonts (will add as I create more):

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