Barry Doherty

Barry Doherty

Providence, United States

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My first encounter with photography was as a B&W film medium. After many years away from it, spent in publishing and software engineering. I returned to it at the end of the last millennium.

Once again I started with film (an old Canon F1 from the 50s) but quickly made the transition to almost exclusively digital, with my Nikon DSLRs (D70 and D300).

I do minimal image processing except in those cases where I am creating an image that is based on a photo but then goes off into its own reality.

I am most fascinated by the beauty in everyday scenes and objects where I am able share that perception with the viewer.

I have done the usual photographer things – exhibits, galleries, art shows, competitions; won some awards, taught and have works in various collections in the US and abroad.

I have been involved with several arts organizations and enjoy sharing what I have learned. I look forward to comments as I too still have much to learn myself.

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You can see more of my work on my website: The Vast City. A number of my works can also be purchased through my store on Etsy. I also have a gallery at Fine Art America.

Current or past featured member of several groups, including Rhode Island by Rhode Islanders, The Great Lakes of North America and “New England Coastal Life”.

My works have been featured in many groups and have also placed in the top 10 in a number of challenges.

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Recently published interview in a local newspaper / / rather nice article with a good selection of photos.. Front page of the Living Section. / It’s a free weekly but a rather large one with a circulation of over 50,000. / Very welcomed as I am slowly coming out of a period of seclusion that began with rather severe walking pr…
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