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Busy but Excited!!!

I cannot describe how crazy this time in my life is at the moment!!! It’s hard to make time for anything anymore but yet I finally have a chance now to sit here and write this so I guess it’s not really too bad. That’s also part of being an artist by nature I feel … nothing we do as creatives is ever perfect and therefore we continually create new things … forget ab…
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A Study of Kinetic Typography

[Video] / A clip from Looney Toons featuring Marvin the Martian / Music by Hosey // Just a few seconds / All original imagery besides the Kodak Film collective (flim grain) / Animated using Adobe After Effects Cs5
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Film Noir Abstract (new video)

[Video] / [Video] / / An abstract film noir conceptual piece meant as a test for an up coming opening credit / title sequence I am making. / Music is by Thot and Nomina / Shot using a Canon EOS Rebel T2i / I’m still in the very early creation / idea phase so please feel free to openly and thoroughly critique this piece!!!
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So today I realized I was excited to have time on the weekend to do work! :P
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