Take A Look In The Mirror

They were uncomfortable. Weird, like they shouldn’t be there. She guessed she would get used to them eventually. She very slowly put one foot forward, afraid to take the first step onto the jetty. Her foot hovered above the wood for a moment as she wondered if it would hold her weight. After all, these things felt like they weighed a ton.

The water was so still it looked like glass and for a moment she imagined it was. She wanted to lean in and look at herself. She was different now but she wanted to see just how much. But that wasn’t why she was here. She knew that her purpose was to take that first step onto the jetty.

Her feet were bare and she wondered if she would get a splinter from the wood. Her thought made her laugh. How silly to think that would matter in the scheme of things. Nothing mattered any more. Nothing was more important now than reaching the end of the jetty and taking the plunge.

The sun was so bright that she found it hard to see what was beyond the narrow wooden path. A large expanse of deep still water? Or just a shallow waterway that led to another part of this world. She loved adventure, she should have been excited but everywhere she had visited before had been planned. Here she didn’t know what to expect and this extra luggage on her back was an unexpected burden. She had no idea what was ahead.

She took a deep breath and stretched out her foot a second time and urged herself on. The tips of her toes touched the wood. The sun had made the wood warm, inviting almost. She allowed herself to place her foot flat on the jetty. It was…. welcoming.
Yet another strange sensation on this extraordinary day.

She so wanted to look at her reflection. Not just to see how different she might look in herself but also to see these things on her back. Who would have thought this really happened. No one really knew, but now she did. She could feel them. They moved at times of their own accord and it felt amazing.

She moved cautiously onto the jetty. A warm breeze washed over her, making her feel safe like being wrapped in a warm soft blanket. She moved forward along the wooden walkway and looked ahead toward the blinding sunlight, not wanting to divert her eyes to the still waters and see her reflection. Not yet, it wasn’t the right time, she had to reach the end.

At the edge she breathed in the sweet fresh clear air and watched mesmerised as white wisps of mist spun around her. She had arrived. It was time now. Time to take the plunge. Time to take the final step forward. As she stretched out her foot the magnificent white wings on her back spread out behind her. The soft down of the feathers brushed against her skin and made her feel exhilarated. How ironic. She was dead but she had never felt so alive. Her wings did not feel so heavy as they spread and just before she took the final step off of the jetty, she looked down. The water was like a mirror and she saw she was beautiful, no more scars. The face of an angel smiled up at her. Again the thought made her laugh. Of course she was an angel. One that was making the final journey to her resting place.

She stepped off of the jetty and her wings lifted her into the air. The white wisps of mist felt like silk as they continued to spin round her, helping her to reach higher and higher toward home. The scent of gardenias filled the air and she could see faces in the distance. Faces of people gone before her and she knew then, she had arrived, she had reached Heaven.

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Take A Look In The Mirror by 

The image that inspired this story is by the one and only Peacefulwarrior who I thank very much for allowing me to use it.

Once again, I see an image, I think of a story, I write it. Nothing in between, no planning, no editing. I hope you enjoy it. xx


  • Ronjohnnj
    Ronjohnnjalmost 5 years ago

    Stunningly beautiful, very well done hon ☺

  • Thank you very much Ron… haven’t seen any of your writing recently! Writer’s block? xx

    – Sue Martin

  • Peacefulwarrior
    Peacefulwarrioralmost 5 years ago

    Sue, this is an amazing piece of work from you to sit alongside my image. You have given my image life, you have given it meaning and indeed more importantly you have given it soul.

    Did she pick this place or was it random, we can never ask her, I love what you have written to work alongside my image and I love the fact that she had wings, just loved that.

    Thank you so much for doing this to one of my works, I truly feel humbled and indeed proud of what we have done together here, your writing is truly outstanding and I LOVED IT!! As Shawn Mullins once said, “she was born to shimmer, she was born to shine”. Thankyou Sue!

  • Wow! This is a piece of writing all by itself.. maybe you should try it SteveN!! I didn’t expect such a response but I am very happy that the combination has achieved what we both envisaged from our individual work. One without the other would not have had the same impact I dont think. Thank you again for allowing me to do this xx

    – Sue Martin

  • Ronjohnnj
    Ronjohnnjalmost 5 years ago

    I write what comes to me , it just sorta pops into my head , I just have to listen better I guess lol ☺

  • Franmacimages
    Franmacimagesalmost 5 years ago

    Oh Sue Written With such passion U Really are an Angel U sound like A Princess Wonderful Inner Thoughts of Escapism!! No Fear Beautiful Happy Ending in Heaven Is that where u belong now!!! I like this very much Wonderful Title & Image Your Back on Top Babe Frankie xxxx

  • Hey Frank. Thank you so much darling. I hadn’t thought about it previously but I guess it is what we would love to experience when our time comes. A sense of freedom for sure. xx

    – Sue Martin

  • Anthony Hedger Photography
    Anthony Hedger...almost 5 years ago

    This is outstanding writing Sue you kept me guessing right until the end. Again you make your words live and this time along with Peaceful warrior’s photo – it is a wonderful effort on both your parts. Well done.

  • Thank you my wonderful friend. I know I keep saying it but I am only writing these because of your encouragement and faith in me. xxx

    – Sue Martin

  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adamsalmost 5 years ago

    Truly beautiful Sue!! – very well written – congratulations to both of you!!!!

  • Thank you so much Kate… I will pass your congrats on to SteveN xx

    – Sue Martin

  • LeeMartinImages
    LeeMartinImagesalmost 5 years ago

    You know what Im going to say…………….FUCKIN HELLS BELLS…………..this is SO amazing, and never for one second saw what was coming. It’s beyond brilliant and you know im not just saying that as we have spoken about work on bubble in some depth, and if it aint worth the comment, it aint gonna get one.

    2 Radiohead songs came into my head when I was reading this, 1st is called “Bullet Proof” and the other is called “Pyramid Song”, google them both, have a listen, but you have really surpassed expectations with piece this little sister….I love it xxxx

  • LOL You kill me!! I am convinced though that it wouldnt be anywhere near as good without the image. I will listen to the songs later but I have to admit I dont know them. Is Mum home from her holiday? Thanks for your honesty, you are my best critic xxxxxxxxxxxx

    – Sue Martin

  • Zolton
    Zoltonalmost 5 years ago

    This is kind of an experience that I hope all people metaphorically have before they leave this life. Well written. : )

  • Thank you very much Zolton :)) xx

    – Sue Martin

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