I am a Registered Nurse and know through experience the value of life. In these days of stress and time restrictions, we need to be reminded to stop and look at the world around us and appreciate it. I do now and I capture what I see and would like to share it with you.

I love to photograph everything that is nature. I hope you enjoying looking.

Sue xx

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Time to move on !!

Hello everyone / Just to let you know that I have changed my name! / From now on I go by the name I was born with and am proud of it! / Sue :)) xx
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Second In A Top Ten Challenge!!

Thank you to all who voted for this in the Never Been Featured In Tiger Tiger challenge in the Tiger Tiger group. Ooooo lots of Tiger’s!!!
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Top Ten Place In Scottish Challenge

Thank you to everyone who voted for my entry in the Your Special Scottish Place challenge in The Scots Are Coming Group. It came second so I am thrilled!! It wasn’t easy choosing just one Special Scottish Place either!!
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Sweet As Candy Feature :)

Thank you so much to the Tulip Group for featuring Sweet As Candy. After a miserable day it has cheered me up no end :)) xx
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