Poets of Three

Poetry can be a bird singing in my ear.
Poetry can be a harp of yesteryear.
Poetry breathes past the pages of slavery.
Poetry writes through the hurt and pain.
Poetry is the keys to survival as a people.
Poetry does not rest.
Poetry is not equal.
Poetry is a treasure chest.

We share our history with all humankind.
The rich, the poor, the divine 9.
Poetry is divided into sects by greed.
Poetry can be a good or a bad seed.
Our history is rich in cultural and ethnic diversity.
Our history unlocks the key for us to be poets of three!

Three is always better than one.
Three is an oracle of one son.

Poets of three give dimensional to the soul.
Poets of three never grown old.

Poets of three transcend time.
Poets of three and divine nine.

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