Sister, She Wrote

Sister, She Wrote

Sister, friend or foe…
Sister, she wrote!

A sister should be a friend.
A friend loveth at all times.
En todo tiempo ama el amigo.
Sister to sister, she wrote in two language lines!

Why, then would a sister not love her sister?
Does she choose to be her ememy or foe?
If so, she will become her footstool.
For God will make your enemies your footstool.
I will call upon the Lord to be at peace with my enemies.
My enemies are illustrious fools!

Sister, she wrote with obedient knowledge.
Donna, Mary, Beverly, and the one who flew away to college.

Sister, she wrote to one who longs to be free.
Sister, step away from the little yellow bee.

Sister, be still.
Sister, she wrote that God will heal.
Sister, she wrote to take a chill feel.

Nevertheless, let us worship Him in multi-languages of love.
God is a colorful Dove.

But know that the LORD has set apart the godly man for Himself; The LORD hears when I call to Him. Psalm 4:3
Sabed pues, que Jehova hizo apartar al pio para si : Jehova oira cuando yo a el clamare.
Salmos 4:3

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