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Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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Nikon D800 HELP needed!

Help! I can’t download my RAW images from the CF memory card into my PC. I’m using Windows 7, to download I use ACDSee Pro 3 & Lightroom 2.3. I have been using a Nikon D700 up until now and downloading in the same way with no issues!
I have a wedding photoshoot on Saturday so I need to fix this ASAP,, HELP!


  • Carol Knudsen
    Carol Knudsenover 1 year ago

    I have no idea…sorry…but Google it….it’s amazing the answes you find!

  • Drew Walker
    Drew Walkerover 1 year ago

    you need an update on the program that you download the raw images from and get D800 added to the list of file types, they are huge and suck up your pc memory like nothing else..
    some of the older Adobe products are not compatible, Adobe’s way of making even more money.

  • Mitch Labuda
    Mitch Labudaover 1 year ago

    Error message of any sort? What happens? Direct from camera to PC? Or CF in a card reader to PC?

  • Jan Clarke
    Jan Clarkeover 1 year ago

    Have you tried using a card reader, which plugs into your computer? They are available anywhere you buy computer bitgs and pieces. As Mitch says, you may also need to update your software, too, although you should be able to just drag and drop RAW images into your chosen directory without needing special software to do that. Any version of Photoshop from CS and up will open RAW images. I’m sorry I can’t help with specific info – I use a Pentax camera!

  • Kevin Skinner
    Kevin Skinnerover 1 year ago

    I don’t think Lightroom 2.3 supports the D800 in that version. You might want to go on the Adobe website to check for a patch that enables it to read the D800 format (yes, they all have different formats and signatures!). I don’t that they will as they will want you to upgrade to the latest version and don’t support Lightroom 2 anymore.
    I’m afraid you’ll need to upgrade either or both your packages. Sorry.

  • John Robb
    John Robbover 1 year ago

    You need Lightroom 4 to read the RAW D800 files. Unfortunately upgrades to Lightroom version 2.3 won’t help.

    Otherwise you can import the files using Nikon software and convert them to TIFF or similar so you can work on them in your early version of lightroom.

  • Thanks J!
    I’ve upgraded to LR 4 and now it works, I just need to get use a few new functions on it :o) Bx

    – Basia McAuley

  • Basia McAuley
    Basia McAuleyover 1 year ago

    Thank you for all your help, it’s all really appreciated. I have now upgraded my Lightroom 2.3 to Lightroom 4 and it works! Now all I need to do is pack for tomorrow’s wedding shoot and relax :) Thanks again! B