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Basia McAuley

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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Event photography rates

I have just been asked to do event photography but I’ve never done it before and have no idea what rate to charge. Any wise words and suggested rates would be greately appreciated. Thank you in advance. Basia x


  • Miron Abramovici
    Miron Abramovicialmost 4 years ago

    You need to look what other local event photographers charge. I don’t think knowing US rates will help you.
    Basic questions: What type of event? How many hours? Will you also provide prints, albums?

  • zomboy
    zomboyalmost 4 years ago

    Sounds cool Basia

  • Jim Prince
    Jim Princealmost 4 years ago

    I’m not sure what the rates would be where you are Basia….just wanted to stop in and say hi….please show us some of the photos when you get them processed if you can

  • Basia McAuley
    Basia McAuleyalmost 4 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback! It’s a youth talent like concert I think, run by community youth services. They need photos for website, promotional prints and newspapers. I’m just providing photos on disk. I wonder, do you charge per hour or for full event ?? There must be some event photographers on rb!! I’m on holidays and have no access to computer ATM so I can’t do lots of reasarch
    Thanks again!

  • Andrew (ark photograhy art)
    Andrew (ark ph...almost 4 years ago

    Depends on how much work you are required to do……..which in turn is subject to what exactly they are expecting. How many shots (proofs)…How many needs to be processed…..Are you required to do any printing Size / Quanity any design work requirement for promotional material…This all takes time and as we know costs $$$$$.

    To start with l would give an hourly rates, which includes time on site (cover the event) and take as many photos as you can (take a spare battery and memory card and / or body lenses etc)

    Alot of people forget the time it takes to process shots.

    So now it comes down to costs (without printing)

    depending on experience you would be looking between $30 to $90 and hour (just an average)

    I would take the mean figure of around $45 to $50 to include some processing time. Plus if was me involved l would throw in some extra stuff for free (Just good P.R).

    Sorry about the long winded response hope this helps and best of luck for the day.



  • Michael Alesich
    Michael Alesichalmost 4 years ago

    I go with a few different requirements.

    My cost to shoot the event per hour (generally between 50 to 100) with a minimum of 2 hours, 3 if I have to travel quite a distance

    Cost to edit per hour (for every hour of photos I allow an hour of editing)

    Cost of camera/equipment upkeep (about $100 per shoot)

    For them to get ownership of the usage of the photos it will also cost more, generally by a %.

    Once I add it all up I then look at the client to check whether it’s what they’re looking for as well.