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Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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I would love to read some great advice on how to maximise exposure for a website, including key wording for search engines (and how to actually do that!). I have just launched my new website yesterday but now I need to make sure it’s actually found!
“Basia McAuley Photography:

Thank you in advance! Basia


  • eon .
    eon .over 3 years ago

    Great Site… SEO is so weird. good luck with it…You can type a whole bunch of Key Words into your site using white coloured Type on a white page. Thats how I heard some have succeeded. Put words in in white on white…that you think will be ideal to be used to attract people. Male has a baby..Aliens land with words of peace. The end is near. so may words are applied daily in searches. Millions of Dollars paid to people..
    Think about headlines you would like to see.. its key words on a site that attract Google ratings. higher up = more popular words and topics. You just need vital words that the Google Bots will pick up and scan.. But humans wont actually see.Thats one trick " -))

  • thanks eon.. I’ll look into all the advice, B.

    – Basia McAuley

  • Andrew (ark photograhy art)
    Andrew (ark ph...over 3 years ago

    I run a couple of Business, l find if you set up a Google account. You can Optimize certain words which are linked to your website. Good luck & BEst Wishes.

  • thanks!

    – Basia McAuley

  • Jim Worrall
    Jim Worrallover 3 years ago

    In reality you can enter all the keywords you want onto your site but in the end it’s all about providing quality and relevant content that real people will be attracted to, and link to.
    Google is aware of invisible text and non valid keywords etc and will deliberately rank you lower if you try to spoof it.
    Google will rank your site higher when it’s linked to by other genuine sites that are also providing quality content.

  • thanks Jim

    – Basia McAuley

  • Paula McManus
    Paula McManusover 3 years ago

    I’ve just gone to Google and typed in Basia McAuley – and it finished the rest for me and took me straight to your website. I think you’ve already done it very well. :)

  • LOL! Thanks Paula, i know it does that but if I type in say.. mornington peninsula photography (for anyone looking for a local photographer..I can’t even find my self anywhere! So I need to somehow word stuff to maximise exposure to it appears in google search engines… I’ve tried using some key words but still nothing… I think I will have to contact my web guy again.

    – Basia McAuley

  • mikegood
    mikegoodover 3 years ago

    As I know, you must study and understand the search engines you are interested in. Their algorithms are changed from time tot time. In the past, keywords were important, now Google parses the page and takes the information from the headings and text itself. Read about SEO and implement it as recommended there. it is important to be as close to the W3C standards as possible, html strict is also an advantage. There are sites, firefox plugins, tools to check how close to these your site is, and Google rewards you by promoting the site from time to time (a better implementation helps them to make statistics after all).

    Good luck,

  • David Amos
    David Amosabout 3 years ago

    Basia, GOOGLE adWords is the ONLY way!!!