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My Reflection of THE CITY

When I was asked to review the new RB book The City , I waited in anticipation for my copy as I know that, from previously purchasing RB books, they are always of the highest quality. Once my copy arrived, I was not only impressed with it’s sleek, satin black book pocket and cover but also with the amazing work from various mediums which this book holds.

After devouring this book over and over, I have chosen a few favourites, which believe me was no easy job!

Last Light of the Day by Jose M.F. Rebelo
A beautifully composed image of an old street in Portugal, perfectly suited to b&w as it allows the viewer to focus on the light and atmosphere within the City of Porto.

Black Web by Luka Skarcic
What appeals to me about this great image is the contrast with the above photo which focuses on the old City; to this wonderfully modern and dynamic representation of a City with a great abstract quality.

Tokyo – Ginza Crossing but Sparrowhawk
This image is so full of energy, coupled with the colour and processing, it’s truly electric,, I just love the vibe.

Father and Daughter by Luigi Scuderi
A wonderfully warm capture of family within a City, alongside memorable composition which absorbs the viewer in the moment and creates a lasting impression.

Antisocial by Evan Shraboneau
Cities can also often be portrayed as places of loneliness and isolation and this powerful yet simple b&w photo is a perfect representation of such assumption.

This great book not only holds photographs, but also paintings and written works that are all of outstanding quality so if you are thinking of purchasing The City, just do it!! It is a great addition to any to any book collection!


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