Glen Barton – photographer from Bells Beach, Australia. I began shooting on a borrowed canon A1 12 years ago and since then have worked to develop my own style of image making. I am largely self taught, but have completed several short courses and 1 year of a professional photography diploma at NMIT in Melbourne.

Over the last 10 years I have participated in many group exhibitions, and held three solo exhibitions, entitled “the eyes of india”, “experience”, and the launch for the summer range for fashion label, Mortimer and Luke.

I am currently shooting with a canon DSLR, and have recently rediscovered the joys of lo-fi image making, and am experimenting with a medium fomat (120mm) Holga – a plastic lensed beast that is beautifully unpredictable and expressive.

To me, making images is a way to engage with the world and the people around me, and the joy and “in the moment” peace i get from taking photos is something that i wouldnt swap for the world.

Hope you enjoy some of my images!!!!


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Home page layout second attempt. Banjo and violin.

Ok, here’s my second idea at this (Ill get better with time). This one Ive gone with a definite theme, and betrayed my love of country (but also Irish and sea shanty) music. / Banjo and violin. / / / No. 6 is a t-shirt. No.s 2 and 4 are portrait orientation, but may work with a landscape crop, but here are a couple of alternates:
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Trying out doing a hompepage suggestion.

I’ve recently discovered that you can suggest homepage spreads, thanks to friendly advice from Bubbler, Mieke. So this is my first attempt at putting together a homepage suggestion list. If it works, I’ll submit it to the suggestions forum topic. If not, I’ll keep trying till it does! / This first attempt represents a few of my fave images from very talented artists here on R…
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