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Barry Norton

Barry Norton

St Annes on Sea, United Kingdom

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Hello Everyone

Hi Friends,

I have had problems that you realy do not want to hear about. I seem to have been away for so long, almost forgotten how to work the machine! However I am now able to get on line, to let you know that I have not forgotten you all.
My time is very limited at the moment, therefore I will not be able to be on the net every day. I will however do my best to keep up with things.
My very best wishes to you all Barry

Hi Everyone

I have had more computer problems, I am begining to to think that I shouild give it up, I have been on the site tonight and see that one has to still scroll through reams of pages, after a comment, it takes so much time, time I just do not have. So until RB put things in some sort of workable order. i will have to just give it up as far as commenting goes. RB is still a big mess.

Regards and Best Wishes to all my buibble friends, Barry


I have been up to my eyes in things these past few days so have fallen way behind.
I will do my best to catch you all.
Best Wishes and Hugs Barry

I am still breathing

Hi and ahappy New Year to all,
I was away over the holidays as you know, I got back and my internet connection went down, at the same time almost I contracted a chest infection and a severe cold, so on to antibiotics! I then hoped to get back on the net, but more problems. However I am now back, no chance of ever catching up totaly. I will do what I can, however I see that bubble has problems with duplicates being put up and some not till late. So will have to hope for the best under the circumstances.
Regards and Best Wishes Barry