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Barry Norton

Barry Norton

St Annes on Sea, United Kingdom

Hello Everyone

Hello Bubble Friends,
Twenty pages or more since I was last here, appologies for being so far behind, due to not being very well, and my little pal Rusty needing vetinary treatment, to have his teeth cleaned and a couple of extractions. I feel much better now, but still getting there. Getting old is not much fun, perhaps they will soon have the technology to rebuild, though I do not think that would be such of a good idea, the state of the world today. I will try to get as much up to date as I can. Rusty has to go for a check up tomorrow. From the sigs of his recovery here at home he is back to his normal self.
I have to go to the doctors on Tuesday for blood pressure checks and blood sample. But do not expect anything other than normal in the results. Thank you to all who commented on my stuff over the past weeks.
Regards and Best Wishes Barry

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