Casselberry, United States

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Barrett Biggers makes Geek Art from Legend of Zelda, Miyazaki, Mononoke, Gaming, Anime Nintendo, and so much more.

I’m artist for reals. This is passionate art, red-hot steamy design – fresh and juicy. Hand-picked creativity and originality from the luscious fields of success. I’ve been sowing seeds for many years in aforementioned field always yielding a huge crop. Heheh I said sowing seeds. Well anyway I am said, “artist” and am straight-up flabbergasted and thrilled to see you here ( BTW, yes I am watching you {o.O} Thank Google!).

Biggers is Better Style.

My work is mainly Geek Art, that being a genre of art themed and inspired by classic film, games, anime, Japanese culture and comics. My main style of art was given the nomenclature of “Geek Line Artly” by yours-truly, which I found to be quite a fitting designation don’t you?. It’s a novel idea to incorporate geekdom with vintage/traditional ornate black and white illustration – symmetrical, geometric and simple and yet deeply complex the more you look. I love vector art and minimal design for most of my work.

However I am also a rabid digital painter with a purely obsessive drive to make digital art look more traditional. I call it “tra-Digital” art and I think it’s cool. Of course I think it’s cool!

  • Age: 32
  • Joined: October 2012