That’s why I’m an indie hipster cunt

I’m an indie hipster cunt / I know it / I show it / I’m a cliché

That’s why I sing the blues

Baby I been thinking long / About all of these things we done / That make me scream and shout and more / That make me want to want you mor…
Awake by barnsy Waking by barnsy Dreamer by barnsy Dream by barnsy Longing by barnsy

The Teens

These are the great minds of the next decade who will rule the earth and lead the modern culture

Notes from a Sunday Afternoon

The British journalist and the French detective / Ponder the death of the American missionary / Who’s good will finally caught up wit…


The cosmos falling down. / The singer’s voice is broken, / The song without it words. / The world falling is falling down.


Red leaves swirl around through the sky, / Taken by the wind a bag does fly.

The White Van

I remember when we said hi for the first time, / I remember when we said bye for the last time – / But we didn’t know.

Effervescent Eye

My eyes are watering, / Because you’re leaving. / My mind is aching, / Because you didn’t say goodbye.

The Beggar’s Song

The beggars whistlin, / His tambourine a’clangin, / His wisdom song ain’t long, / But no one’s listenin.

Feel Good

Pass the temple, church everyday, / On the way to tavern where enjoyment lay. / Wake up with a head of burning fire, / Look up and stare di…

Mechanic Lives

This life just moves on, / Our children’s children’s children they will come, / They’ll live the lives of those before th…
Night Punting by barnsy Punting by barnsy Desk Buddha by barnsy The Future for China? by barnsy The Dark Giants by day by barnsy The Yangtze by Night by barnsy The Neon City 2 by barnsy Light Boat by barnsy The Neon City by barnsy The Dark Giants by barnsy Light House by barnsy River House by barnsy Buddhist Temple Shanghai 3 by barnsy Sign of Peace or Hate? by barnsy Buddhist Temple Shanghai 2 by barnsy Buddha 2 by barnsy Buddha 1 by barnsy The Grumpy Buddha by barnsy The Eight Buddhas by barnsy Buddhist Temple Shanghai 1 by barnsy Shanghai Roads 2 by barnsy Shanghai Roads 1 by barnsy Shanghai Building by barnsy Mingling by barnsy Buddhist Temple by barnsy Tower to Nirvana by barnsy Lost in Translation by barnsy New Meets Old in Xi'an 3 by barnsy New Meets Old in Xi'an 2 by barnsy New Meets Old in Xi'an 1 by barnsy Terraccotta Warriors 2 by barnsy Terraccotta Warriors 1 by barnsy Xi'an Countryside by barnsy Pavement by barnsy Another Brick in the Wall by barnsy Thinking Place by barnsy The Garden Shelter by barnsy Lady in White by barnsy Xi'an Mountains by barnsy Bringing home the Bacon by barnsy Little Guy by barnsy Me in China by barnsy The Bird's Nest Stadium by barnsy Hysteria in the Forbidden City by barnsy Quintessential China by barnsy The White Temple by barnsy Chinese Rhythm by barnsy Stones by barnsy Forbidden City by barnsy Bridge over Water in the Forbidden City by barnsy Face of 70 million deaths by barnsy Comunist Legacy by barnsy Great Wall of China: Tourists by barnsy Great Wall of China by barnsy Gate to the Great Wall by barnsy Nature in a losing battle by barnsy First sight of the industrialisation of an ancient country by barnsy Eden Pond by barnsy Sunset by barnsy Flickering Fire by barnsy


Drean yourself a dream / Tell me what it means / Tell me what you see / Have you ever seen me?

Morning Glory

Here we go, go again, / It’s our chance to do something; / What it means to be free, / What it means to be somebody.


You get higher information, you’ve got a higher sense of reality. / You will open doors to me to the perception of what is true.


It’s your life, you’re your person, / Individual, you are who you are. / Don’t be scared, don’t be afraid, / Summon…
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