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We are Byron and Julie, over 27 years ago our 2 year old niece couldn’t get it in her head that her father was Brian and I was Byron so she started calling me Barnie, it stuck and the entire family has called me that ever since. Julie has always been Sissy to the entire Family so thus here on Redbubble we are BarnSis.

We live in Southeast Missouri. Julie is the Accounts Payable Specialist in the superintendent’s office for a school near St. Louis Missouri. Byron is a retired public school teacher who is enjoying his 72 years of life!

We live in a home we built ourselves. This is our second and last home to build since we plan to live here the rest of our lives. We call our home “The Last Resort” We live in a very rural setting with a 6 acre lake as part of our front yard. Our home is the only house on the lake. The area abounds with wild life, birds, and wildflowers and it also has beautiful sunsets.

We both enjoy photography and each of us brings our own individual talents to our photos. We will take a picture of just about anything but each of us has our own special interests.

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On February 12, 2012 we had the privileged of serving as Guest Host for the Group Art by Bubble Hosts and the honor of selecting the Features for the Group for this week.

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Susan Bergstrom

To our RB friends, our thoughts and prayers need to be with Susan Bergstrom / Susan and her husband Russ suffered a devastating loss on last Thursday. Their Desert Oasis home was destroyed by fire. Susan and Russ are Ok and they rescued their two dogs however Susan lost over 25 of her paintings and Russ lost a fully restored 1973 Mercedes. They lost scores of irreplaceable antiques and family me…
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The Million Mile Mark

We joined Redbubble in March of 2008 so I have been here almost daily for five and a half years. Redubble has only been here for six and a half years so not many have been members of RB longer than myself. / Today we reached the One Million Views mark!! / In fact as of this moment we have had 1,000,325 individuals view our work. We have had 8,835 people favorite our work, 51,468 people have comme…
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Virus problems

I am sorry my friends but I can not be here much. I have gotten a Trovi hitchhiker virus which has installed itself in my computer registry and put my computer into a loop when every I try to go to any web site. So I can not use that computer. I gave remote access to someone who knows how to do all that but as soon as they tried to remove the Trovi virus it kicked them out. I am trying to keep …
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Welcome a new RB member

Heather is a young lady who is the daughter of a former student of mine. I recently gave her a short photography introduction and tips on her new Nikon D3200. She has an excellent eye and is just starting here on Redbubble so please give her a warm welcome. / Byron
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