Photography has been a hobby for many years.
I’ve tried a few different things including weddings for friends, waterfalls, macros & landscapes but find the most enjoyment comes from anything with vibrant color.Doesn’t matter how dark a day color brightens it.

A few months back I ‘converted’ to digital finally. In the last couple of years I’ve discovered editing programs allow me to indulge in a love for drawing (love it but can’t draw very well at all :) ), so now I’m able to combine the 2 interests.
Having a chronic illness for a few years now offers it’s challenges in remembering how to do things but playing around with my hobbies is quite therapeutic.

A chance meeting with photoj introduced me to Redbubble so I look forward to the inspiration that comes from seeing the work that others contribute. Any critique warmly welcomed.

If you for some reason desire to use an image please have the courtesy to ask first otherwise consider them copyrighted. :)


“To learn we need to listen, to listen we need to learn how.”

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