For the love of Arsenal. by bared Larry lamb and his lovely pink ears! by bared Jammy Wasp by bared Sweet dreams are made of this. by bared Shadow Dancing. by bared Mother Nature's Frosty Tongue. by bared Pink pearly flicks. by bared Larry lamb goes gamboling by bared

New love.

You, / are like the icing on the cake. / Everything, / tastes that much sweeter, / now, ‘you’ are in my life.
Friendly Devon Robin by bared Traces of Lavender by bared Indigo Moon by bared Lucky for some. by bared Fragrant pinks by bared Scarlet Pimpernel by bared

Poet in-motion.

He carefully toys / with his words, / picking them over / with deliberate deference. / He loves to spin / a telling tale / albeit, leading…
Golden Hydrangeas by bared

Broken man.

She spread her words thick / rolling them up / in a rug of black treacle / to unfold somewhere / within his tangled soul / and leaving him
Mandarin sunset by bared Silhouette lane by bared Catherine of Bath. by bared A wintry nightlife. by bared

Release Billy Buzzard

I came upon a lonely Buzzard. / I named him Billy. / No feathered nest, / just a concrete bed. / No tasty treat. / No sign of red meat.
Exmoor ponies run free by bared Ocean Spray by bared Clarinet 'Wonder' by bared

My Best Friend.

How could I live my life without you? / Your sheer naughtiness… / zest – for life! / An inquisitive, endless smile, / a bright …
Summer's Sweet Peas by bared Love Lost - Visual Poetry by bared Dancing Daisies by bared


A cowered glance / upon concealed reflections. / Unpunished deeds, / seeking divine redemption.
The start of the sandstorm. by bared

Marilyn’s Best Friend.

A mane so free / wild and glowing / peroxide blonde / a dye – ‘worth knowing’. / A flash of an eyelash / beyond a big fri…

My Mummy MAKES me eat my veg!

My Mummy’s very pretty, / She smells so nice and clean, / I always think she’s lovely, / ’til she makes me eat my greens.

A Mother’s Love.

Newly bathed and smelling sweet / from warm vanilla, / he nuzzled at her breast, / fine wispy hair falling / upon a downy crown of innocen…

Martyr For Love.

Someone once said, / if you love someone, / you should set them free. / My gift to you then, / is to let you – ‘Be’. / Fr…
inner city train. by bared

Lonely Superstar.

The spotlight, / would caress her pale, milky skin, / drench her contours, / skim her sultry curves. / Ultimately, it would lay its gaze, /…
How to ruin a good hair-do ! by bared

‘No more tears’

This was to be her final glance. / A salutary goodbye / to those washed up thoughts. / A cursory salute / to that train / of darkness and p…

The Beautiful People.

The Beautiful People / are at genteel ease, / with their solid education, / parental line-age, / perfect genes and / financial means
A splash of wild red by bared Flowering apples by bared Dandelion Champagne Fizzzz by bared The Red Sky by bared

Quiet Reflections.

Now the night was over, / The dance had been and gone. / A violet haze of moonlight, / sang its brightest song. / A gentle hush just linger…
The smell of summer by bared The night in day. by bared spot the snail... by bared Spines and Sparkles by bared In grandma's garden. by bared There, there my child, time for prayer. by bared London at Night. by bared Hanging on. by bared Good enough to eat. by bared Loneliness by bared Garden Plums by bared A buzz in a buttercup by bared Urban Green by bared

Dating in a Sweet shop

Soft centre / hard centre / dark or white? / Sweet or bitter, / chunky or light? / One with wrappings / or one plain loose? / Fresh off the…
Blooming Blossoms by bared Lilac Horizon. by bared The blue thaw. by bared This is england. by bared Reach for the Sky. by bared Spring dandelion by bared

Oh, to be….

I’m here. / Alone. / In my, / cocooned space. / Alive. / Carefree! / Oh, such joy, / to be. - / Indulgent. / Selfish.
Bath Cathedral at night by bared Blown away. by bared fade away, but RADiate.. by bared

The Longing of Swan Lake.

The Longing of Swan Lake. / How still the moon? / Soon I shall see its full reflection, / Shining in the deep blue pools, / Of my dear moth…

Lady in-waiting.

Do you sometimes wonder, / what you’ve done wrong? / Is it the manner that you speak? / Or the company you keep.. / Is your smile no…
Someone special by bared Tranquil Devonian Sunset by bared Precious days. by bared A Winter's Calm. by bared Strong but delicate by bared November blues by bared

Be my Valentine.

A simple red rose, / symbolises my passion for you. / It’s sent with love and hope / that my dreams will come true. / Intoxicated by …
Regrets - Visual Poetry by bared
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