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Muskegon, United States

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Challenge Winner!!

My image “Rough Water At Sunset” was the FIRST PLACE WINNER in the “Large Amounts of Water” challenge in the Red Bubble.com group, 100% Themes Galore

I would like to thank the hosts of the group and all those who voted for this image. I truly appreciate it!!


Challenge Winner!

I was just notified that my image, “Wet Leaves” has WON a challenge!!

The challenge was “Brown and Green Leaves” and was in the group, Photography Challenge Group

I would like to thank the hosts of this group and also all those who voted for my image. It really made my day!!


Goodbye Sean....

I found out tonight that a dear friend, Sean Jansen, passed away earlier this week. He had contracted E-Coli about 4 years ago and had been fighting it ever since. About a year and a half ago, he was added to the kidney transplant list but then became too ill to be considered for it. After many trips and extended stays in hospitals, he emailed me about 2 weeks ago that he was going to undergo surgery to have his spleen removed. He was optimistic that he might finally overcome the problem. But it was not to be.

Sean and I met about 5 or 6 years ago in an online photography group, PictureTrail. That group ended and he and I and a few others have remained good friends ever since.

He was an exceptional photographer, displaying breathtaking images of the amazing views around him in Calgary. Bu…

Challenge Winner!

My image “Sunset in the Haze” was the WINNER of the “A Lighthouse at Sunset” challenge in the group, World Wide Sunsets

My sincere thanks to all who voted for this image and also to the hosts of this wonderful group who continues to feature breathtaking images of sunsets from around the world!

Explore RedBubble!!!

OMG! One of my photos was just featured in “Explore RedBubble” …. see at the very top of the screen where it says, “Explore”??!!

How cool is that??!!

Thank you, Red Bubble!!

Amazing Photographer and Where I live.....

Last Tuesday, at my local camera club meeting, we had a guest speaker. Marge Beaver is very well-known for her aerial photography….has her own plane and has made a thriving business of photographing places from the air. Her images are amazing and now at the age of 77, she is an amazing inspiration.

Here is her website:


If you want to view where I live, click on “Muskegon” and you’l see photos of our town and the surrounding area including the entry from Lake Michigan into Muskegon Lake.

But please spend some time viewing all her photos. She has taken photos of every lighthouse on the Michigan coastline (and some in Wisconsin) as well as shooting places like New York (twin towers prior to 9/11, Statue of Liberty, etc.), Chicago…