19×24 colored pencil on gray pastel paper. Original unavailable and in a private collection.

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Range: Snowy Owls winter south through Canada and northernmost Eurasia, with irruptions occurring further south in some years. They have been reported as far south as Texas, Georgia, the American Gulf states, southern Russia, northern China and even the Caribbean. Between 1967 and 1975, Snowy Owls bred on the remote island of Fetlar in the Shetland Isles north of Scotland, UK. Females summered as recently as 1993, but their status in the British Isles is now that of a rare winter visitor to Shetland, the Outer Hebrides and the Cairngorms.
Diet: This powerful bird relies primarily on lemmings and other rodents for food, but at times when these prey are not available, or during the ptarmigan nesting period, they may switch to ptarmigan young. As opportunistic hunters, they feed on a wide variety of small mammals and birds, and will take advantage of larger prey, frequently following traplines to find food. Nesting birds require roughly two lemmings per day, and a family may eat up to 1500 lemmings before the young birds set off to fend for themselves.
Human interactions: Due to their beauty, Snowy Owls are kept in captivity by wildlife centers, zoological gardens and by serious hobbyists. They are known to be sensitive to disease, stress and heat, frequently perishing during attempts to train a wild owl during the summer. These owls are not suitable for beginning raptor keepers. (information from Wikipedia)

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I love what I do and I do what I love.. been drawing for over 60 years now – I hope I’ve got it right.

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  • richardredhawk
    richardredhawkover 6 years ago

    this is such a beautiful owl drawing looks almost real

  • Valerie Simms
    Valerie Simmsover 6 years ago

    I love owls and you have captured them wonderfully in this. I recently spotted a Barn Owl and it was so beautiful

  • Carolyn Staut
    Carolyn Stautover 6 years ago

    This is absolutely beautiful. Your talent and capacity for capturing the likeness and personality of the animals is just amazing.

  • Albert1000
    Albert1000over 6 years ago

    Nice work.

  • John R.P. Nyaid
    John R.P. Nyaidover 6 years ago

    again, you’ve managed to capture the essence of your subject ~ beautiful art !

  • Tahnja
    Tahnjaover 6 years ago

    I think owls are totally amazing. Beautiful rendering of God’s gorgeous creatures

  • pollyh
    pollyhover 6 years ago

    SUPERB work!!

  • the6tees
    the6teesover 6 years ago

    You are amazing, great work!!

  • frozenfa
    frozenfaover 6 years ago

    i love the one in flight! this is awesome!! =D

  • pat oubridge
    pat oubridgeover 6 years ago

    This is so awesome Barb…..I had the great pleasure of holding a Barn Owl a few weeks back and the feathers were unbelievably soft. You have captured that softness on this gorgeous piece

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