Giraffe WIP - signature affixed

You would think, that after all the wildlife I’ve done over the last 30+ years that there should be AT LEAST one giraffe.. but, I’m here to tell you that I’m working on my very first ever… would you like to come along on this journey?

The watercolor wash is done… and because I couldn’t wait, the eyes are started. But to explain what I used: Pelikan Opaque Watercolor; black, violet, sienna, ochre, green, golden ochre, grey and flesh. The eyes are Prismacolor: black and dark umber.

So far the colors and pencils I’ve used are: Prismacolor; black, dark umber, sienna brown, clay rose and dark brown; Koh-in-Noor Progresso; red brown and dark red brown (the manufacturer didn’t think it was necessary to label the pencils so I’m guessing); Faber-Castell; burnt ochre and sienna brown,

Add in some Faber Castell naples ochre and nougat… and now the greys are beginning. You don’t mind if I just give you ALL of them, do you? Prismacolor: French Grey; 10%, 20%, 30% and 50%.. also Warm Gray 10%, 20%, 50% and 90%.

More useage of the greys and now I’ve added some blue slate and cloud blue – both from Prismacolor.

Still using the same colors, nothing new’s been added, just playing with them.

And again, a repeat of the above.

Now I’ve added some Prismacolor; pink rose, beige and sandbar brown.

At this point I’m just trying to make sure that all the colors are working.. a little extra watercolor washes because it’s much too flat.

Now comes the fun part.. I’m using an acrylic white for my highlights and Derwent Inktense; leaf and apple green. At this point, I’m not really sure if I’m done. What I normally do, is walk away from it for at least a night and when I come back to it tomorrow anything that needs work will jump out at me.

Okay.. did a little fixing (especially the background because the white just disappears) and added a few more colors – Prismacolor seashell pink, light peach, peach, limepeel, marine green and celadon green. I think I can call this done. Took 14.09 hours spread over 10 days.
And I hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip.

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