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Maple Heights, United States

I love what I do and I do what I love.. been drawing for over 60 years now and I hope I have got it right. But I am still working on it...

Beagle WIP/signature affixed

I’m going to actually try and do this right.. so here goes.

I began this on the 23rd of June, the format is 15×20, 140# watercolor paper with a slight texture. I start by putting washes of the various colors (I used Pelikan Opaque watercolor) that are most needed with some definition and because of the weather, there is no picture of that one.

The next day, I began applying some watercolor pencils. Here is the list of colors used throughout: FABER-CASTELL – Bister, Bister- Dark Sepia and Van-Dyke Brown; DERWENT – Raw Sienna, Burnt Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Golden Brown, Raw Umber and Burnt Sienna: CRETACOLOR AquaMonolith – Dark Grey, Light Grey, Dark Tan, English Rose, Light Ochre, Natural Sienna, Ivory and Glacier Blue;

Day 3: At this point, I’m running into a problem because the “darks” just don’t seem to be dark enough… but, like a trooper, I keep at it.

Day 4: I found something that’s really helping – Inktense by Derwent, and here are the colors:;Bark, Charcoal Grey, Ink Black, Mustard, Willow, and Backed Earth. Now, I’ve found my DARKS!! Shot below is BEFORE applying the Inktense.

And this is AFTER using Inktense.. there is much more definition and much more to my taste. The colors are more vibrant and brighter.

And this is the finished piece.. The total time spent was 9 hours and 55 minutes spread over 5 days.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip…

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