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Maple Heights, United States

I love what I do and I do what I love.. been drawing for over 60 years now and I hope I have got it right. But I am still working on it...

Did any one notice my absence??

Yesterday.. I went to the hospital and had all my remaining teeth pulled (all of 15) and dentures put in. Nobody told me that I would have to wait for what felt like forever. They were doing a very complicated “jaw replacement” before me so I didn’t get into OR (scheduled for 11AM) until after 2PM.
It’s okay with me seeing as the other person is probably in a lot more pain than I am but Oh BOY!! This hurts.
Now, let me explain why. First off, I’m terrified of dentists due to the masochistic SOB that did my teeth from the age of 4 to 19 with NEVER a shot of Novocaine (at which point I bit him and that’s when he told the nurse to put NOVOCAINE in my file)! I white knuckled every visit and then people wonder why I break out into a cold sweat at the mention of DDS!!
In the 90’s I found this WONDERFUL dentist who actually made me feel comfortable.. and not afraid BUT.. he retired a number of years ago and I started having issues with my teeth again. Didn’t help matters much that my front bridge let go.. and finding another dentist who would take “art” for payment (told you he was wonderful) would be impossible. There’s a whole lot of people out here that just can’t afford the dental costs. Well, because of how he put my mouth back together no tooth was left alone. There were always 3 linked.. so if one tooth had a cavity – all three had to be worked on. I can’t afford that!!
So I went to Case Western Reserve Dental College and found a WONDERFUL student dentist (she’s one year away from completing the course) who took my case. Yesterday was the beginning of the end because now that all the teeth have been removed & they had to do some bone work and I really do feel like I ran head on into a Mack Truck!! I’m on great pain meds – been playing on the ceiling for a while and sorta little bit lurpy.. but that’s fine. You folks understand me…

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