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Did any one notice my absence??

Yesterday.. I went to the hospital and had all my remaining teeth pulled (all of 15) and dentures put in. Nobody told me that I would have to wait for what felt like forever. They were doing a very complicated “jaw replacement” before me so I didn’t get into OR (scheduled for 11AM) until after 2PM.
It’s okay with me seeing as the other person is probably in a lot more pain than I am but Oh BOY!! This hurts.
Now, let me explain why. First off, I’m terrified of dentists due to the masochistic SOB that did my teeth from the age of 4 to 19 with NEVER a shot of Novocaine (at which point I bit him and that’s when he told the nurse to put NOVOCAINE in my file)! I white knuckled every visit and then people wonder why I break out into a cold sweat at the mention o…

From my Grandson for Mother's Day

The following is the poem my grandson, Dillan, wrote on Mother’s Day this year. I never expected something like this from a 15 year old boy – who has many more fun things to do.. but this made me cry:

Let me start by letting you know
That it’s because of you I didn’t let go
You saved me in time to see another day
It’s because of you I didn’t run astray.
Sometimes I feel like no one understands me
Stuck in this place where I’m hated so blindly
There are so many things that I’ve been through
And I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.
I was broken
So forsaken
I was lost
And you saved my life.
I was drowning
Always frowning
But you came along just in time
And you saved my life.
I was pleading
Sometimes it seems like you’ve known me for eternity
You make me feel that I’m no longer empty
It’s you…

Good News

Today was another follow-up colonoscopy – they like to keep tabs on those of us that have endured and survived cancer. So.. here’s the news – cancer for 5 years!! I don’t have to have this test for 5 YEARS!!
Just wanted to let you know that I’m gonna be around for a while now… ;0))))

Maxie, a sad tale

September 25th, I noticed that Max seemed to be having some trouble seeing. As the days continued on, it got worse… he started bumping into things. But the biggest problem was when the sun set. IF he went out at all, he would panic and start running into the fence, the house, the garage.. he would get so distressed that he would begin panting and when I’d try bring him in.. he’d fight me! Finally, when he got back inside, the whites of his eyes would be completely red.
With all the turmoil that’s been happening in my life (my youngest son lost his job, his wife left him and took the baby, he got evicted from his house and now him, 2 kids and a dog are living here), I feel it is so unfair to keep Max alive just because we can’t let go. His life has little quali…

Giraffe WIP - signature affixed

You would think, that after all the wildlife I’ve done over the last 30+ years that there should be AT LEAST one giraffe.. but, I’m here to tell you that I’m working on my very first ever… would you like to come along on this journey?

The watercolor wash is done… and because I couldn’t wait, the eyes are started. But to explain what I used: Pelikan Opaque Watercolor; black, violet, sienna, ochre, green, golden ochre, grey and flesh. The eyes are Prismacolor: black and dark umber.

So far the colors and pencils I’ve used are: Prismacolor; black, dark umber, sienna brown, clay rose and dark brown; Koh-in-Noor Progresso; red brown and dark red brown (the manufacturer didn’t think it was necessary to label the pencils so I’m guessing); Faber

German Shepherd/WIP/signature affixed

Since you enjoyed the Beagle, I figured I’d give it another try.. but you must be patient with me.. I sometimes forget where I am.

July 07 2011 at 2:21 PM
The work begins. I’m using 140# white paper made by Canson. From my Pelikan paintbox I used: golden brown, ochre, golden sienna, grey, black, flesh, violet, umber, and red – all of which are very light washes.

July 08 2011 at 1:52 PM
You knew I wouldn’t be able to work with only the washes – oh no!! I just had to start working with the pencils and here is what I’ve used so far: FABER-CASTELL; dark sepia, van dyck brown bistre – and the contributions from DERWENT; sepia, golden brown and burnt sienna. No Inktense as yet.

July 08 2011 at 3:07 PM
I am now starting to add CRETACOLOR Monolith colors as …

Beagle WIP/signature affixed

I’m going to actually try and do this right.. so here goes.

I began this on the 23rd of June, the format is 15×20, 140# watercolor paper with a slight texture. I start by putting washes of the various colors (I used Pelikan Opaque watercolor) that are most needed with some definition and because of the weather, there is no picture of that one.

The next day, I began applying some watercolor pencils. Here is the list of colors used throughout: FABER-CASTELL – Bister, Bister- Dark Sepia and Van-Dyke Brown; DERWENT – Raw Sienna, Burnt Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Golden Brown, Raw Umber and Burnt Sienna: CRETACOLOR AquaMonolith – Dark Grey, Light Grey, Dark Tan, English Rose, Light Ochre, Natural Sienna, Ivory and Glacier Blue;

Day 3: At this point, I’m running into…

WIP/ Delicate Belle/ signature affixed

Just in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to.. here is one of the pieces that – believe or not – has kept me sane. The monotony of doing stipple is actually very calming for me.. so I start one of these whenever I feel that I can’t work on anything else. Considering what I’ve been through during the last 19 months.. I’m actually surprised I haven’t gone a bit bonkers!! So.. here it is.. piece by piece….

The first days work was putting down the frisket and waiting for that to dry.. then the fun part – throwing the paint around until you have something that’s kind of alright..

Peel away the frisket.. and this is what you’ve got!!

I sorta did a double frisket on this.. I wanted to keep a particular area “w…

WIP/ American Stafforshire Terrier/ signature affixed

I bet you all thought that I was just sippin’ some cool drink and lounging around the house… nu-uh!!
I started this a while back (last year – I think) and I’m working on it slowly. Seems the hospital, doctors, illnes and the lack of health just keep interupting my plans!! So.. the weather was rather lousey when I started it – so you don’t get to see that.. but here is the progress – so far.

WOW.. something that isn’t about my health!!!
And that’s as far as I’ve gotten… gotta go get that cool drink…….. and start lounging!!!!

I’ve suddenly changed my mind about the background. I thought that the “ear” was interferring with the top dog on the left – so I figured that changing the color might hel…

WIP/ Cane Corso/ signature affixed

This piece is 19×24 bright Bristol, has 4 images on it and this would be after maybe the second day of working on it. I use mostly Prismacolor Pencils along with a few colors from Faber-Castille and Derwent.
The first day is usually reserved for any watercolor work and then I let it dry COMPLETELY! I know that wet paper and colored pencils are NOT going to get along.
At this point there really isn’t much to see, but it does give you an idea of how I “start” something. This will take some time… be patient.

I spoke to my “rep” a couple of weeks ago and she suggested that I do MORE dogs but add a background to them. FINALLY, an opportunity to use my “ghost”.. and seeing as I had not worked on the Cane for a while, I thought I could add it ea…