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I’m still recovering from an illness. Had to retire due to health and am trying to find a new me to enjoy my new life of broke liesure. LOL I can walk now and have regained my small motor skills. I still lose my train of thought easily but I just tell everyone I’m to old and to broke to pay attention.

  • Age: 53
  • Joined: June 2010


I Made It

Today wwas the day I decided that I can now truely breath easier. LOL Jan 18 2010 was my first full day kind of awake after a month long coma. Jan 18 was the day everyone kept asking me to say. “Do you know the date Ms. M….?”I don’t remember how many times they asked and reminded me but at last I remembered on my own. Jan. 18 2010 I held my nurse/angels hand and cried cu…
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maybe I didn't disappear

I try not to sound to needy when I reply to all of your kind comments. I should probably explain. I seem to not exist at times. / I worked for the same company for fourteen years . At least four times in my carreer I went to clock in on the computer and there was no record of me. At least three times my name was left completely off the schedule. / The IRS has told me at least every third yea…
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Memorial To A Goat

Melvin was about13 years old / He was pretty cool. / We let him out of his pen frequently and he woud wander our 5 acres finding his favorite purple flowers to eat. / He would respond to his name, and come when called. / He would follow you up the walk onto the deck and into the house if you let him. / He acted more like a loyal dog than a goat. / His favorite treat was fresh cut carrots and …
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