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I am an 81 year old granny ( of adorable adult grandchildren) and enjoy living. Also very caring lovely family.Every moment is precious and appreciated on this beautiful, so far lucky, part of the wee planet. I am a greenie, somewhat leftish, politically —e.g. believe in a degree of profit sharing with workers, (instead of unconscionable payouts to bosses,) and safe and healthy working conditions. etc. etc. Emphasis on Unis fine, but our TAFES are much needed for modern planet saving technology. etc. etc.Oh decided to add ‘copyright’ on my stuff as my grand daughter put together a calender from my paintings and I liked it and she will help me do more

Hi I am doug, Barbara’s son. my wife and I have moved back to her house to look after her as she had a pretty bad stroke about six months ago.
we are trying to get her to be creative again and will post what ever eventuates
Doug and Robyn

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Day by day

My mum suffered a pretty big stroke around June of 2012, she was unable to speak or write after this. The family has been trying very hard to assist her with regaining these skills. Each day she does a page of English and a page of math’s at about the 6-8 year old level, reads the paper and plays the piano. Both my daughters have been helping as well as my wife. I also get her to write down her t…
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