For Bernard... a tribute from a friend

I first began exchanging personal email on July 29th this year (over a misunderstanding so glad) with beautiful Bernard or Sir B as I like to address him. I’ll always remember this day as one of morning joy and shock sadness afternoon. In the morning we had become friends then in the afternoon Bernard told me of the lung cancer that had spread and was causing “brainy complications” nothing tragic as he put it.
he believed he could beat it! after 4 months of chemo it all became too much…. so for the miraculous way you fought so hard to survive, I applaud you, for your genius art I stand in awe and for our friendship it has and will always be a privilege to have known the great Bernard Lacoque, see you in the next life..Sayonara

Bernard had sixth sense sensitivity…. always my hero! rest in peace Sir!
T.S.Neale alias banrai

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