Obsessed with the paintings of orange trails in the night sky, I have major love affairs with reds and oranges. Recent times have seen a newly discovered crush for the color green. I like colors. I also like black & whites. Vibes are more my thing than ‘things’. Unless it’s my apple products or my digital SLR. I tried photography as a profession for a little bit, and although one of the best experiences ever, I have come to realise that sometimes working for your passion kills it – at least when it is dictated to you. Very content now to shoot whatever whenever and wherever and find it a never-ending source of energy from which I draw from. I tend to photograph or write what I am unable to verbalise. Speech may not be my strongest asset but I see and hear quite well thank you. I am also thankful for many this and thats.

So thank you for looking.

Let me know if you see something you like :)

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