Well, I have been missing in action for a few days. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but I have had an interesting experience.

I have finally moved back to California from Texas. I dreaded driving the 1500 miles, 24 hour trip, but it was something I really wanted to do; an opportunity to see some of the country and enjoy the changes in landscape and enviroment of each city and state, and the way the people interacted. My only real concern was that my loaded down car would hold up, and fortunately it did much better than I expected.

One interesting thing was that throughout most of my trip, particularly in the Texas, New Mexico, Pheonix areas, the old Wild West was on my mind. My writer’s imagination contemplated the old wild west as it was then: Cowboys and Indians, small towns, dreamers panning for gold in the hills and streams. Men driving Cattle from places like El Paso, to California. Visions of families and others travelling in large groups through the very dangerous dessert with hopes of finding a new life for themselves. Thieves and highjackers laying in wait as they hide themselves behind rocks and bolders waiting to ambush and murder the most volunerable.

I thought of the many wars and mini wars fought between various groups over land and cattle, and with the indians who felt infringed on by new settlers.

I envisioned gunfights between drunken men on the main streets of small towns, and lawmen shooting at badmen as they attempt to rob banks of the town’s loot.

It was all a very interesting trip. And I so much dreaded looking ahead of me to see hundreds of miles of highway in front of me as my car barreled down the highway at 90-100 miles an hour or more, with signs which say, next town 200 miles. It seemed that I could never get there, and when I did, there was another 500 miles to go, and then 300 miles, and on an on. And the weather; so damn hot; anywhere from 90 degrees to as much as 110 degrees. My AC was not working, so you can imagine my disposition in my attempt to stay cool. Impossible. lol

But, I made the trip, taking many shots with my trusty Nikon Digital D40; some images taken while travelling at 90 miles. I will post a few of the best ones and maybe some unedited ones so you could see what the images looks like at 90-100 miles an hour.

I am now in California, and plan to stay here for long into the future. I don’t plan to make a trip like this ever again in any other vehicle, but a plane. lol

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