My dad being a journalist with a passion for photography, his Nikon F90x and then his Nikon D70 were always objects of my interest, but being a fidgety kid, these objects were kept completely out of my reach! I was given a point and shoot film camera, with which I was told to be happy!
Every summer camp I left for, I was given 3 valuable canisters of film roll, all of which were used up by the time I got back.
Then in 2009, I rediscovered photography when i held down the shutter release of the Pentax SLR, in my Year 11 photography class , that I chose to take at school, during my stint in Melbourne.
For our various folios during that year, I found myself heading to RedBubble for inspiration during a brainstorming session!
I eventually saved up enough and bought my baby, the Canon 1000D in July.
Thats how I ended up here.
so keep a watch :) and please leave your opinions in comments or bubblemail!


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