Served in the U.S. Air Force for 23 years, father of 4,and Grandfather of 2… married for 20 years. I love to take photographs. I have a camera on me usually at all times. I can remember countless times where I seen something happening, and I wished that I had my camera! So now I try to carry one around everywhere I go… If you see something you like, let me know, if you would like to see something that isn’t here, maybe I can find it!

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H.W. Lorenz Photo Gallery with Mark Lorenz Soundtrack


“Winds of Change” was featured in Northern California Group
& Stunning Skyscapes Photography

“The Flying Horse of Pier 39” was featured in Carousel Enchantment

“My Inverted World” was featured in Inverted World

“Sunrise at Sacramento International Airport” was featured in California Sound

“Foot Prints of a Train” was featured in Which Way – Main Subject Displaying Walks, Paths, Stairs, Roads & Rails

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  • Age: 48
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Hey All...

I am not sure about what to do in a journal, but I figured that I would use it to communicate to you all.. I have done some sliming down of my photos, I would like some critical input of what you all would like to see. I carry my camera always and I see something that I like I shoot it!!
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