Brenda Dow

Brenda Dow

Bonita Springs, United States

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*OFF LINE..........AGAIN*

Dear friends……
the technician is delayed
my fingers are drumming
it’s hard to believe
that no one is coming
Internet on stand by
nothing more I can do
but I’m missing you my dear friends
but keep up with the new
When returning I hope
more creations from you
will be waiting once again
for me to view
No matter my plans
life just passes on by
so off to the corner
i’ll suck my thumb and cry!!!!!!
Jan 23, 2011
it’s a tough place to be but OK…. confessions….. my internet is down… I am sitting at a coffee shop drinking way too much coffee but trying to catch up as the techy person will not come for another 4 days….. that being said…… I will come back again and again and try to keep up!!!!!
Have a great week my friends!!!!
aka Jazzy


  • Charmiene Maxwell-batten
    Charmiene Maxw...about 4 years ago

    I love this and look forward to you being back on your home internet – enjoy your coffee ……I love going to cafes and coffee places to do my internet work sometimes!!! xx

  • Thanks, Charmiene….. I love the danish and breads that come with the coffee….. by the time the techy comes they’ll be rolling me out the coffeehouse door!!!!!!!!! xx

    – Brenda Dow

  • Lynne Morris
    Lynne Morrisabout 4 years ago

    Love it Jazzy, you are such a talented lady. Hope your enjoying the coffee and that your internet gets fixed QUICKLY, cos we miss you xx

  • Thanks Lynn…. 2 hours here…… loving the “extra’s”…..
    orange cranberry bread for one special item!!!! LOL
    It’s funny how so many people sitting chair to chair are talking to outer space……. lol while accepting the others plight!!!! More portraits please… you are doing wonderfully well…… I would say PRO level now!!!!

    – Brenda Dow

  • Ronny Falkenstein
    Ronny Falkensteinabout 4 years ago

    Enjoy your coffee and the real world. ;)

  • LOL Ronny….. there are many in this real world this Sunday morning….. I wonder… are they talking to others or just reading the Sunday paper? I feel another story coming on!!!! LOLOL

    – Brenda Dow

  • Mike Oxley
    Mike Oxleyabout 4 years ago

    I’m back to reality:
    It came with the dawn.
    A slave to technology,
    The humblest pawn.
    No need for the Techie,
    I’m no longer forlorn.
    Want a darned pooter?
    Mine’s out on the lawn.

    Good luck Miz Brendy and we’ll see ya when we see ya, but not without missing you, of course!

  • LOLOL…… great verse, Mikey!!!!!! I’m still sitting here, same spot for 2 hours now!!!!! Gosh, will someone send me home please!!!!!!

    – Brenda Dow

  • inkedsandra
    inkedsandraabout 4 years ago

    Oh dear brenda, hope all goes well soon.

  • Still drumming my fingers, Sandra….. and another drink at the coffee shop!!!! 2 Days my friend and I’ll be back!!!!
    Thanks for the wishes!!!!

    – Brenda Dow

  • Poverty
    Povertyabout 4 years ago

    Clever. You may have problems but, you have used them to entertain so well. Thanks for the laigh out of despair. Cheers.P.

  • Hi P…….. you must be drumming your fingers also? Not much going on at your place either?? LOL I’ll be back in a few days….. still in the coffee shop…. brought my slippers this time…. it’s almost bedtime…. quess I’ll have to go home now………. night…………………….:))

    – Brenda Dow

  • AuntDot
    AuntDotabout 4 years ago

    Great little poem! Sorry for your internet troubles, but your managing to get this post on RB from a coffee shop shows your dedication! LOL

  • LOL…. Hi Dot…. I’ve been here twice today…. but the techy person will come tomorrow if possible….. I’ll be backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :))

    – Brenda Dow

  • Susie Peek
    Susie Peekabout 4 years ago

    Fun little poem Brenda ~ hope it helped pass some time away whilst you wait ~ think how much more you’ll appreciate your pc when you get it all back :)

  • Ahhhhh, you are so supportive…. such nice wishes, Susie….
    I should be printing cards…. or something really constructive….. too much coffee has me going in circles!!!
    I’ll go now…..

    – Brenda Dow

  • noffi
    noffiabout 4 years ago

    Brenda…You are now gone…I should have come sooner….But I am happy to say that I know where to find you.. My service too has gone away….But unlike yours, it pays me a visit once or twice per day…..Hang in there my friend…This will all end…Just four days to go…Let’s hope it is so!

  • Hello Liz…. how nice to hear your support of my demise….. and I hope to be back tomorrow, full time!!!! I’m still in the coffee shop…. well….. didn’t stay here all day just twice.. lol I have more to do you know!!!! I do? lol
    Thanks for reading my verse dear friend!!!!

    – Brenda Dow

  • Tom Gomez
    Tom Gomezabout 4 years ago

    Hehe, that brought a smile, you are a talented lady …

  • Oh, Tom…. I know talent when I see it…… you write hehe so very well…… you have practiced quite alot…..:))
    Just teasing….. Thanks my friend for your kind words….
    I should be back full time tomorrow!!!

    – Brenda Dow