Brenda Dow

Brenda Dow

Bonita Springs, United States

*OFF LINE..........AGAIN*

Dear friends……
the technician is delayed
my fingers are drumming
it’s hard to believe
that no one is coming
Internet on stand by
nothing more I can do
but I’m missing you my dear friends
but keep up with the new
When returning I hope
more creations from you
will be waiting once again
for me to view
No matter my plans
life just passes on by
so off to the corner
i’ll suck my thumb and cry!!!!!!
Jan 23, 2011
it’s a tough place to be but OK…. confessions….. my internet is down… I am sitting at a coffee shop drinking way too much coffee but trying to catch up as the techy person will not come for another 4 days….. that being said…… I will come back again and again and try to keep up!!!!!
Have a great week my friends!!!!
aka Jazzy

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