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Welcome to the Atelier

What are we?
Atelier translated from the original French literally means workshop, in particular an artist’s workshop or studio. Our studio is anywhere, but it started in a garage and a back alley, and we’re inviting you in.

We are a group of artists on Redbubble united not just by our geography, but our intent to create art in all forms that is provocative, exciting, stimulating and different. We’re throwing in our creative chips together and betting something interesting will happen.

We share ideas, gear, wine and food.

We are an antidote to the average and normal – a panacea to dull landscapes, cute pictures of puppies, kittens, and kiddies. We’re happy campers – not happy snappers.

We want you to open your eyes as if for the first time.
We want you to feel estranged from the everyday.
We want you to dream lucidly and vividly.
We want you to feel naked and exposed.

This is not a safe haven.
This is not a comfy chair and slippers.
This is not the family photo album.

We are the tap that’s dripping in the back of your mind and the shoe lace you left undone.

Do we have a plan?
Only to evolve…

Contact Details
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Who’s in?
Check our watchlist…

How can I watch you?
We upload work in our individual profiles, you’ll need to add members to your watchlist to be informed of all new work.

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