Pyramid Hill, Australia

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Amateur photographer here—-Proudly clicked away with my first camera, a 126 as a child. Often saving up my pocket money to buy a four pack of the cube flashes that clipped on the top. Progressed up to a 110 (maybe not really an improvement) then on to the various 35 mm. In the early nineties took leaps and bounds to a Nikon SLR- FE and a F3. Love my Nikons but my current camera, digital Fuji 6500 is certainly a lot cheaper to develop the film-lol- still not in the same basket as a nikon but suits my budget at the moment.
My aim in photography has been a passion to capture a mood reflected through the composition for the actual photo. I’m still old school in the stance that I don’t use PhotoShop.
My photography will in some way reflect my ideals and passions as I have a keen interest in chromed classic American cars (thanks Harley Earl ), the pure beauty of the female in pinup art ( thanks Alberto Vergas ) and the rustic charm of old decaying buildings.
Hoping some of my work can be admired by fellow artists as much as I have been impressed by some of the work I have seen on here. Cheers.

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