To rich to be poor

i can hear
the children singing
to drum beats
as my skin feels
the morning heat..

butterflies galore
dancing in between each
orange and
coconut tree..

waiting for each breeze
that cools
the drips from eyebrows..

reggae music
gospel music
is the vibes
that fills up the evening..

power over the emotions
is huge
he is always near
where ever
i may be..

my imagination entertains him
while he
observes from the luxury
of his
full of originality..

does he find
the beauty
in the words said?

dominoes played
while white rum drunk
everyone dancing
the music does not let me stay still
with the spirits
of the Jamaican people
my only drink is
a song of happiness..

grandmothers with
inspiring storytelling
and proverbs
on the hottest days
that touched
my soul..

faced with the current
harsh economic climate
the youth them
despondent and dejected
by the lack of

altercations are many
threats that are proved
to be more than words
knifes guns are used
with no value of life

deeply entrenched
in the psyche
of the youths
a secret pact or vow
is kept..

thier life’s circumstances
that batter and bruise them..

a lovely country
blessed with so
many people of enormous
god given potential
i want to kiss
all the tired lines
on foreheads..

lush fruit trees
soothing rivers and springs..

soul stirring
and contagious
written on leaves
of palm trees
in a land
that’s just to rich to be poor..

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  • Karlientjie
    Karlientjieover 3 years ago

    WOW this is just awesome – you have just exposed the truth of our world in pictures that will echo through the ages to come – instant fav my friend!:)x

  • Deeply touched by your comment Karlientjie. Thank you so much for the fav.

    – BabyM2

  • fototaker
    fototakerover 3 years ago

    commenting on just the title:
    one can be rich and still be poor
    a poor individual can be richer than said “rich” man above.
    it’s sort of how one sees their world: like a glass of water, it may be half full to one, but half empty to another.
    it’s the life we all live and survive… thanks for sharing your words and heart. happy holidays

  • You be correct in what you say. What i was trying to get across with the title is re: the land in Jamaica how rich it is eg: being able to live of the land as a lot do the poorer not having any land where there is so much! Thank you for reading.

    – BabyM2

  • George Coombs
    George Coombsover 3 years ago

    Excellent writing, gentle and sensitive imagery and plenty for the reader to ponder on. Well done. I like it very much

  • I try! I wrote this when i was in Jamaica. Thank you.

    – BabyM2

  • Blake Steele
    Blake Steeleover 3 years ago

    A honest and sensitive expression of this people, their culture and their situation.

  • I experienced so much while there. And inspiration just flowed into my pen.Thank you for your wonderful comment Blake Steele your writing is powerful and deep.

    – BabyM2

  • Arco Iris  R
    Arco Iris Rover 3 years ago

    So much insight you have to have written about a land that you visited. Not only have you written about the beauty of the land but also of the people themselves. I have a wonderful Jamaican friend here who speaks so highly of his people, land and forefathers that you have made me appreciate him more. Very imaginary words.

  • I grew up in a west indian community. My parents being irish/italian irish/spanish (good mixture huh)told me when they came over from Ireland with people from Jamaica to find work they all lived together in big houses in certain areas. I have auntie uncles different colours in Jamaica, i love them to bits, and i stay with them. When i stay there it is exactly what you read in the poem. I visted many of the parishes for the first time but St. Andrews was out of limits due to daily shootings (so sad) i never stop writing while im there such an inspirational time for me .. i am the same also when i go to Ireland.Thank you for your heart warming comment & the fav. :)

    – BabyM2

  • Leon A.  Walker
    Leon A. Walkeralmost 3 years ago

    Powerful write! I will be sure to spend more time in your gallery.

  • I appreciate you taking the time to read & comment my poetry. Please do..

    – BabyM2

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